Say hi to the camera, Gena!

Hi! My name is Marvin. I'm a 24-year old Registered Nurse who graduated from The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. I'm an RN, yes, but I'm currently working in a call center somewhere near our place. I tell you, right now, it sucks to be me. Though I'm not totally hopeless. I still believe that I represent the dream. I still got dreams that are larger than life.

I write about almost anything under the sun. From the mundane profound, go. I'll try to make sense out of it.

Lately my focus in life is about widening the horizon on how I see things. It's about time I make my own stand. Enough of the it's-his-or-it's-her stand.

Oh and by the way, this blogging has been brought to life in me by a kid. (--.)v

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