May 22, 2017


I was wondering what has changed since then. I was looking back at our photos and found that in a span of four years, things really has changed - at least, physically. My hairline already receded and my once curly hair went thin. As I aged, I also added fat around my chest and belly so I would no longer be categorized twink. But damn, I still look good! Haha.

Now look at you, you earned your adipose tissues, too! And the lines around your eyes started appearing. Signs of aging? Sure, but also maybe because of your busy life or your extracurricular activities. I don't know. Well, who cares. What matters is I know that in my heart, all that I'm seeing is the 20 year-old you. You still are the person I fell in love with. You are still the person who wore that green shirt, the smart newcomer who's always aiming for greatness in everything you do.

So after what I learned about today, I was left with just one word: "Why?"

Oh well. It had to happen, says the Universe. I guess I just have to stop here and just give Lady Gaga the credit she deserves.

"It wasn't love. It was a perfect illusion." 

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