March 19, 2013

Two (2)

So I once planned to make a monthly post of our love story. Apparently, I failed. I want you to know that I was never busy. Actually I am -- busy being with you. There. I hope you understand.

Thanks to whatever circumstances that happened, I got a hold of this computer kiosk at the office. Got nothing to do while waiting for you to finish your shift so here goes another of my heart's predicament, crying out loud.

It has been 4 months and it still feels like I've won that teddy bear. My feelings for you is still as it was back in first day. Your eyes still captivate me. Your smile still takes the breath out of me. Your imperfections still do not fail to impress me.

4 months young and we've already had our share of ups and downs. You see, even India Arie knows that not everyday could be like a summer's day. I would not talk about the reason of why you pissed me off one time. You already know what that is and I am certain that you will never do it again. But with what you did to say sorry, please know that you blew me away. You've rendered me speechless. You knocked me off my feet. You knew how to diffuse my anger. You knew how to touch my soul. I would like you to know that you're unforgettable. It touched the deepest of my entirety. I will carry that moment to the afterlife.

You hugging me. Random kisses to the face. And singing Adele's One and Only.


You do not have the world's best voice. I even sing a lot better than you do. But with how sincerely you delivered your message, hey, how can you expect me not to cry after that?

I would like to express in words how deeply I was moved but my wordplay just can't. Only I can feel the rain on my skin. Only I knew how it actually felt.

Now that you've done your apologies, it's about time I do mine. I'm sorry if I was silent during that dark time. I promise that would be the last. Next time, I'd let you know if you've hurt me. Immature as it sounds but yeah. I need to hone my maturity a little more.

I'm looking forward to all the adventures (and the fights) that we will have. Let's see how our story goes. But as of now, hey. It's really a love story worth living for.

PS: Hey future doctor. It feels so good to have your dreams come true, right? Like you studying Medicine at the school that you really wanted? Congratulations! I've also had mine come true. November 2, 2012. Less the mush, you already know why. :)

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