March 20, 2013

Marvin Barangay, Registered Nurse

"Procrastination had me down."

I've had enough days spending my life as a call center agent. It used to be fun, yes, but after years of staying and not growing, I begin to wonder why I'm not doing anything about it.

The line above belongs to India Arie's song "Strength, Courage and Wisdom". For this chapter of my life, that song depicts well of what I am going through.

This post is an ultimatum to the dream that I once thought would make me big. It's time I step up on fate, I have to show my face. For added feelings, please press play as you're reading along. I appreciate that you're here to give a care about my lament. And if you could, please remind me too. It's about time I become the person that I should be. :)

India Irie - Strength, Courage & Wisdom

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Dear Marvin,

You're a sad person.

I don't need to baby you with words anymore. You know for yourself that you are one sad person. There's no denying it. You do not sleep well anymore. You try but you wake up suddenly with thoughts about life ruining your peaceful mind. Thoughts about how you wasted your youth working on a job that is not supposed for you. 5 years ago, you thought you know better when you chose not to follow the path that was already set for you. Now you face the consequences. You eat your heart out with all of your friends becoming rich and successful one by one. Worse, you watch your parents grow old and try to hide their disappointment in you.

Now you're full of should haves, would haves and could haves. What if you did not give up on the nursing dream? You could have had your Masters in Nursing now. A Chief Nurse. A Clinical Instructor. Or better, you could've gone to a Med school and became a doctor. Let's be honest. You are destroyed by the fact that your partner is going to become a future doctor - and you are not.

Right now, you're not broke. But you're not well-off either. You're just getting by. Yes, you are just getting by. When exactly did you buy a new shirt? A new pair of pants? You love perfumes yet you're wearing a cheap cologne. Why is that? I wonder how a soul like yours got by like that. You used to believe that one can't settle for less, especially if they have the option to achieve more.

Dear Marvin, wake up from this nightmare. You know what your potentials are. You deserve more than just sitting 8 hours, pretending like you care about your customer's agonies and crossing your fingers to get a sale or collection. No more phone times, Marv. You're a caring person but you do not belong to the world of customer service. Check your wallet. A card there will remind you of what you're supposed to become. The reward of the 4 years of sleepless nights studying at one of the most prestigious nursing schools in the Philippines. You even just had that license renewed. You see, the Philippines still puts its trust on what you can do. You are a Philippine Registered Nurse after all.

What's good is it's not the end of your story yet. Trust me Marvin, it's not yet too late. Call it wasted 5 years as you may but please consider it time well-spent. There can be no better reminder to you about your failure than the pain of the five youthful years you've wasted in the industry you thought that would make you live fruitfully. What you've went through made you realize all the things that you've missed so that you will never step back to that world again. Now set an example. Forewarn those who would step out of their Dream Avenue. This time you know better.

Lesson learned the hard way but I'm glad that slowly you're opening your eyes. Let's stop counting the years wasted and begin anew instead. Let's start on April 19th 2013. Do your best. I know you will. Until now you're preparing for it and I couldn't help but be more than excited. I'm wishing you all the best. God bless you.

Hey it's me,

One advice I give to the world: "Do not procrastinate your dreams. Dreams got deadlines too." Special thanks to Binggay for such wonderful quotation. Your adventures inspire me forever.

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  1. Marvin,

    You're a wise guy. I know you know that. Come to think of it, there's not that much opportunity for nurses when you graduated. Maybe you had to look for another job to 'get by', same as others. But hey, lift your spirits up and stop thinking that you're a sad person. YOU'RE NOT.

    I didn't finish Nursing in PLM (hope that's a clue of who I am). I actually look up to you back in college and I love your humor. Good luck Marvs! :)

    BTW, I hate reading this. I hate it that you feel this way about yourself. Smile!