November 21, 2012


Reach me the rag my dear... this blog is getting dusty! >:O

And today I had the time to read over my previous blog posts and just laugh about it. In a span of just 2 years, I can say I have matured - physically, emotionally and most importantly, grammatically! LOL.

Keeping a blog is like having an outlet to the world where you can express your most repressed and hidden feelings. Now that's one reason why they say that the pen is mightier than sword. Like, for me, I best express my thoughts when I write it down (or type it down, rather).

OK. So I have this plan of starting over and burning this blog away. But on a second thought, I had my hesitations. I don't want to just lose the almost "childhood memories" this blog has kept. I owe those blog entries so much as once they have expressed how I truly feel so well. Therefore, it's final. What this blog needs is just an overhaul.

Today is the 21st of November 2012. Give me just one week.

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