July 8, 2012

Life's that good

So today I had shots of Captain Morgan and Antonov at our Persian friend's condo at Avida Tayuman. Treated the booze like juice and I ended up like you can only imagine what. LOL. Good thing the sofa at that place was so comfortable, I was able to get at least 40 minutes of rest to recover and went home.

Got home, took a shower and then went to sleep. It was around 12 noon then. I was having a good, no, GREAT time sleeping when all of a sudden my phone, which is also my alarm clock, took me away from the paradise I was in. It was 5:30 PM. I had to get up or I'll be late for my 7 PM shift.

And you could only imagine how bad I felt! I kept on pressing the snooze button until 5:45 PM. I don't wanna wake up just yet. The hangover of the booze I took is starting to play it's powers all over me. Please naman, I don't wanna get up just yet!

All of a sudden I realized... Today, is a SATURDAY! :D Haha. It felt so great! It felt as if I got my Christmas gift in August! So I never really have to get up. Hooray!

I gave the world the best and the sincerest smile. I had the worst and the most tiring week and yes, I deserve to rest this Saturday. Lord, how could you be so good to me? Definitely, I say, this has got to be a good life.


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