May 6, 2012


Just what happened today didn't put me to my sleep. Everything was so swift. So unbelievable.

I am the type of person who refuses to be sad. So although I lost one important thing in my life, I learn. The lesson: Never trust. Ne. Ver.

In the name of justice, I'd have to let go. Unfair on my part, of course. Pero that's all there is to it. The odds weren't in my favor. If the situation would've been a real Hunger Games, I could've died. So. Not. Fair.

For being to trusty, Gone were the fruits of my hardwork. I did not even have the chance to bid my baby adieu.

Life is too short anyway. Whether karma is true or not, it's none of my business. Bukas OK na ako. I'll just continue living. All is well. So help me God. +


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