April 15, 2012

My new baby! :D

In the age when iPhone is the funniest (I meant fun in the context of enjoying) and the most powerful phone, I choose to be a little different. And I present to you my dream, my baby, the not so new BlackBerry Curve 9360

And when I finally get you, I will always hold you in my palm. :)

This phone got this very impressive aesthetics that made me sleepless over the past few weeks. It's just so sexy, I could ask it to be my girlfriend! :D

Yes it is not as regal as the too pricey Bold phones from BlackBerry but hey, hasn't anyone told you that beauty is subjective? And in my eyes, this phone is the winner. I've heard and seen lots of pros about this phone: the autofocus 5 megapixel camera, fast 3G speed, almost retina display, fast processor and all that. The only bad thing I've learned is that its battery is kinda weak. Oh well. I bet they haven't discovered BlackBerry 7.1 OS just yet which made the phone's life significantly longer.

I just can't wait until Monday when I'll have the moolah to buy this precious piece of metal. :)

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