April 7, 2012

Getting a passport

If you are reading this and you don't have a passport, you might as well get your a** up and apply for one because 1) It's a valid ID. You'll need a valid ID to get into establishments, apply for a new bank account, get your back pay, etc.; 2) Hey, no passport, no exit to the Philippines, baby! So the bottomline here is I was just trying my best to be helpful. :)

Getting a passport is as easy as 1, 2, 3... seriously. I had mine scheduled last April 3rd at 7:30 am and finished around 8:30 pm. Hassle-free it is yeah. Plus I get the chance to enjoy my favorite radio show while just waiting for my turn to have my info encoded in their PCs.

So here's what you're gonna do first, dummy. :)

FIRST. Go to this site > http://passport.com.ph/set-appointment. Enter the captcha word you see on the box below so the link for downloading the form would appear, and then you'll proceed with the application. You'll have to choose the date and time you'd wanna be present on the appointment. Please be reminded that you have to be there 30 MINUTES before your appointment time. I suggest you choose 7:30 AM. The monsters are still asleep then and there'll be no line of cranky applicants. Haha.

2ND. Prepare the necessary papers. Your application form printed on a LONG bond paper, your Original NSO Birth Certificate (and when I say original, it has to be original. Contact your local NSO office to get one), and your supporting documents like valid IDs (SSS, TIN), Form 137 for students, or even your NBI clearance.

NEXT. Appear on your scheduled appointment at the Department of Foreign Affairs office at DFA Consular Office: ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City. Here's a map:

Click the picture for a larger, better view. :)

Go to gate 2 (I call this the heaven's gate. Gosh. Walang pila!). The guard's will just check your bags with a smile and then ask the officers to confirm your appointment with them. And then you'll enter door 1. Just go to whatever window's available. They're just going to evaluate your papers and give you your receipt. Here's deciding time: if you want your passport be ready in 15 days, just choose Regular. It's P950.00. If you want it express which is ready in just 7 days, choose Express. You'll pay P1,200.00 for that.

THEN. Go to the 2nd floor and find the Cashier's window. You'll have to pay the price of what you chose earlier (haha) and after paying comes step 3. Ask for a queue number from that cute guy on the right. Check out the TV which shows your queue number and what station you should go to. There are like 70+ stations that encode info. Once it's your turn, just proceed to the indicated station. ALERT BABY! You have to be fresh, oil-free and pretty. They'll take your picture! :D

FOURTHLY, Just present your papers to the encoder and they'll do just everything for you. You would just have to double check if the infor they're entering their PCs are correct. After that, look at the cam, you may smile but without showing your teeth and poof. That's just it. Your passport's now on the process of completion!

OPTIONAL: You may want to have your passport be delivered to your doorstep for just a fee of P120.00. There's a table just behind the encoder stations that does all that delivery. I suggest take it baby. :)

After all that, just get out of DFA with a smile because you're still as fierce, fresh and lovely as you entered the building. Congrats baby, you're going places now. I'm so proud of you.


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