April 15, 2012

Getting an NBI Clearance

Who says getting an NBI will take you forever? Nah, that was so 2007. Gone were the days that you would look wet, messy and filthy in your NBI Clearance because of all the turmoil you'd gone to. Say Hello to this quick and easy way. In an hour or less, you would have your papers furnished. No additional fees to pay, baby!

Say hello to Robinson's Otis

All you have to do is get to this place, the heaven of all heavens.

I know 3 ways to get this place:

1. Go to SM Manila and ride a bus going to Pandacan. Ask the driver to take you to Rob Otis

2. Go to U.N. Avenue and just ride a motor cab. That's 10 pesos.

3. If you're that rich, ride a cab

Once in this building, proceed to the 2nd floor and walk to the end of the hallway. You'd have to fill out the form first, pay P115.00 to the cashier, have your information encoded on their computers, have a picture taken together with your biometrics and la-la-laaa! Done!

Please don't forget to bring a valid I.D. because they require it prior to encoding of your info. No I.D.? Your Birth Certificate will do. No renewals baby. All applicants are treated as new.

I suggest you go there during the times they're not busy, so forget Mondays and Fridays. If you're going to be early, be extra early. And if late, extra late. Not too many applicants go to this place because it's really not a famous store.

And there you have it. You just had your NBI Clearanace with you being easy, breezy, beautiful! Just don't forget to say "Thank you, Marv" :)

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