December 2, 2012

Two (1)

“Green is the color of my first memory about you.”

Honestly, I don’t even know how to start this post because I don’t want to sound too mushy or corny (and I know you despise mushiness a lot), but I just wanted to be true.

It’s not everyday that you look at a person and then know that that person is going to be the one. Yeah. The first time I looked at you, I said you’re cute.  It wasn’t love at first sight at all. It started with a simple crush. Then we began talking to each other, and from then on, everything just went accordingly. It took me weeks to finally realize that I’m starting to feel something different - I feel like I’m slowly becoming seriously in love with you and I have to do something about it. I have to let you know that you’re already someone special to me. And I was the luckiest guy in the world when I knew that all along, you had a crush on me, too! Just to let you know, just the thought of it makes me blush right now while I’m typing this.

I know most of your life’s stories. You were a class President, a student leader, a renowned blogger, and all other great accomplishments you’ve already achieved at your very young age. With those, you inspire me to become the best of what I should be. I was once a lost soul; and now that I was found, I’m back to my feet again. One question: Can I walk with you in your life? :)

And I waited ‘til November 2nd, after our breakfast at McDo. And then our story began. I could put a lot of smileys here after I wrote that sentence. That’s how happy everything went after you said “yes”.

Hey. You know you’d always remind me of India Arie, right? I will never forget her song “Wonderful”. That was the theme song of our very first out of town adventure together. Overjoyed. Overloved.

All I can say is that I could not contain the happiness I feel to become your boyfriend. Your first and hopefully your last. I know you’re still young and things might turn far too differently from when you grow older. But one thing I’m sure of:  I would rather go through our adventures and perils than not having to experience it at all with you.

I love you ‘til the moon is underwater. Happy 1st monthsary.

PS: Today you’re making your dreams come true. I wish nothing but the best for you. Confidence in your competence! God bless you.

November 21, 2012


Reach me the rag my dear... this blog is getting dusty! >:O

And today I had the time to read over my previous blog posts and just laugh about it. In a span of just 2 years, I can say I have matured - physically, emotionally and most importantly, grammatically! LOL.

Keeping a blog is like having an outlet to the world where you can express your most repressed and hidden feelings. Now that's one reason why they say that the pen is mightier than sword. Like, for me, I best express my thoughts when I write it down (or type it down, rather).

OK. So I have this plan of starting over and burning this blog away. But on a second thought, I had my hesitations. I don't want to just lose the almost "childhood memories" this blog has kept. I owe those blog entries so much as once they have expressed how I truly feel so well. Therefore, it's final. What this blog needs is just an overhaul.

Today is the 21st of November 2012. Give me just one week.

July 11, 2012

Ei. Yo.

Hi. If ever you see picture-less posts here (and it's because the site that I got those already removed or for some reason, whatsoever), please please PLEASE, just get over it. I am just really THIS lazy to just get pictures over the internet, copy their URL and paste it. I cannot really get back to those posts anymore and re-upload the pics. Darn. Life's too short to do the same thing twice, yow.

Anyway I'm no blogger. I'm a ranter. <- I love this term. Yeah. \m/,


July 8, 2012

Life's that good

So today I had shots of Captain Morgan and Antonov at our Persian friend's condo at Avida Tayuman. Treated the booze like juice and I ended up like you can only imagine what. LOL. Good thing the sofa at that place was so comfortable, I was able to get at least 40 minutes of rest to recover and went home.

Got home, took a shower and then went to sleep. It was around 12 noon then. I was having a good, no, GREAT time sleeping when all of a sudden my phone, which is also my alarm clock, took me away from the paradise I was in. It was 5:30 PM. I had to get up or I'll be late for my 7 PM shift.

And you could only imagine how bad I felt! I kept on pressing the snooze button until 5:45 PM. I don't wanna wake up just yet. The hangover of the booze I took is starting to play it's powers all over me. Please naman, I don't wanna get up just yet!

All of a sudden I realized... Today, is a SATURDAY! :D Haha. It felt so great! It felt as if I got my Christmas gift in August! So I never really have to get up. Hooray!

I gave the world the best and the sincerest smile. I had the worst and the most tiring week and yes, I deserve to rest this Saturday. Lord, how could you be so good to me? Definitely, I say, this has got to be a good life.


May 6, 2012


Just what happened today didn't put me to my sleep. Everything was so swift. So unbelievable.

I am the type of person who refuses to be sad. So although I lost one important thing in my life, I learn. The lesson: Never trust. Ne. Ver.

In the name of justice, I'd have to let go. Unfair on my part, of course. Pero that's all there is to it. The odds weren't in my favor. If the situation would've been a real Hunger Games, I could've died. So. Not. Fair.

For being to trusty, Gone were the fruits of my hardwork. I did not even have the chance to bid my baby adieu.

Life is too short anyway. Whether karma is true or not, it's none of my business. Bukas OK na ako. I'll just continue living. All is well. So help me God. +


April 26, 2012


Just these words: I'm just so happy I met you... HAPPY! ♪♫


April 24, 2012


After a night full of booze and you're still alive and kickin' and the sun's smiling at you while you're walking home, you just can't help but think about things that make you feel alive.

Listening to this song just makes me shed a tear of happiness. Hey Fatima, how could you pull the exact words out of my mouth?

For the one that makes the whole course of this summer 2012 awesome, Hey. I say Hey. :)

Fatima Rainey

You shouldn't hesitate 'bout my feelings for you
I've proven so many times and different ways to you
I hope somewhere deep inside you know that I love you
'Cause whenever you come walkin' my way

I said hey, hey yeah
I love you till the morning comes
I said hey, hey yeah
I'll kiss you till the morning shine

Now is not the right time to get serious
Now is not the right time, now is not the right time
I dont wanna seem mysterious
Give me time, in time i'll be
I'll set myself free
But whenever you come, walkin my way

I said hey, hey yeah
I love you till the morning comes
I said hey, hey yeah
I'll kiss you in the morning sun

Love you more than words can say
Love you more than anyway, oh oh
The love we share is oh so strong
I know that we both belong
But whenever you come
Walkin' my way
I said hey, hey yeah
I love you till the morning comes
I said hey, hey yeah
I'll kiss you till the morning shine

Coz whenever you come walkin' my way
I must say: ♪♫

I smile,
Marv. Ü

April 22, 2012

BB! My BB!

Sometimes, you don't get to make a dream come true; all because you can dream bigger. :)

I love you, Bold 9900. Welcome to my palm.

Add me on BBM! 28D8CF9B

Marv Ü

April 15, 2012

15-April-2012, Sunday
1:43 AM

Meant or not, IDGAD.
Just unforgettable.

I die,

Getting an NBI Clearance

Who says getting an NBI will take you forever? Nah, that was so 2007. Gone were the days that you would look wet, messy and filthy in your NBI Clearance because of all the turmoil you'd gone to. Say Hello to this quick and easy way. In an hour or less, you would have your papers furnished. No additional fees to pay, baby!

Say hello to Robinson's Otis

All you have to do is get to this place, the heaven of all heavens.

I know 3 ways to get this place:

1. Go to SM Manila and ride a bus going to Pandacan. Ask the driver to take you to Rob Otis

2. Go to U.N. Avenue and just ride a motor cab. That's 10 pesos.

3. If you're that rich, ride a cab

Once in this building, proceed to the 2nd floor and walk to the end of the hallway. You'd have to fill out the form first, pay P115.00 to the cashier, have your information encoded on their computers, have a picture taken together with your biometrics and la-la-laaa! Done!

Please don't forget to bring a valid I.D. because they require it prior to encoding of your info. No I.D.? Your Birth Certificate will do. No renewals baby. All applicants are treated as new.

I suggest you go there during the times they're not busy, so forget Mondays and Fridays. If you're going to be early, be extra early. And if late, extra late. Not too many applicants go to this place because it's really not a famous store.

And there you have it. You just had your NBI Clearanace with you being easy, breezy, beautiful! Just don't forget to say "Thank you, Marv" :)

The Bad, The Worse, The Worst


I just want to thank you for the occasional stares you're giving me, be it intentional or unintentional. And because we never talk to each other, I will never know what's the real score behind those stares.

You had me with those eyes. Thanks for the kilig. :)

Hey it's me,

My new baby! :D

In the age when iPhone is the funniest (I meant fun in the context of enjoying) and the most powerful phone, I choose to be a little different. And I present to you my dream, my baby, the not so new BlackBerry Curve 9360

And when I finally get you, I will always hold you in my palm. :)

This phone got this very impressive aesthetics that made me sleepless over the past few weeks. It's just so sexy, I could ask it to be my girlfriend! :D

Yes it is not as regal as the too pricey Bold phones from BlackBerry but hey, hasn't anyone told you that beauty is subjective? And in my eyes, this phone is the winner. I've heard and seen lots of pros about this phone: the autofocus 5 megapixel camera, fast 3G speed, almost retina display, fast processor and all that. The only bad thing I've learned is that its battery is kinda weak. Oh well. I bet they haven't discovered BlackBerry 7.1 OS just yet which made the phone's life significantly longer.

I just can't wait until Monday when I'll have the moolah to buy this precious piece of metal. :)

April 7, 2012

Getting a passport

If you are reading this and you don't have a passport, you might as well get your a** up and apply for one because 1) It's a valid ID. You'll need a valid ID to get into establishments, apply for a new bank account, get your back pay, etc.; 2) Hey, no passport, no exit to the Philippines, baby! So the bottomline here is I was just trying my best to be helpful. :)

Getting a passport is as easy as 1, 2, 3... seriously. I had mine scheduled last April 3rd at 7:30 am and finished around 8:30 pm. Hassle-free it is yeah. Plus I get the chance to enjoy my favorite radio show while just waiting for my turn to have my info encoded in their PCs.

So here's what you're gonna do first, dummy. :)

FIRST. Go to this site > Enter the captcha word you see on the box below so the link for downloading the form would appear, and then you'll proceed with the application. You'll have to choose the date and time you'd wanna be present on the appointment. Please be reminded that you have to be there 30 MINUTES before your appointment time. I suggest you choose 7:30 AM. The monsters are still asleep then and there'll be no line of cranky applicants. Haha.

2ND. Prepare the necessary papers. Your application form printed on a LONG bond paper, your Original NSO Birth Certificate (and when I say original, it has to be original. Contact your local NSO office to get one), and your supporting documents like valid IDs (SSS, TIN), Form 137 for students, or even your NBI clearance.

NEXT. Appear on your scheduled appointment at the Department of Foreign Affairs office at DFA Consular Office: ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City. Here's a map:

Click the picture for a larger, better view. :)

Go to gate 2 (I call this the heaven's gate. Gosh. Walang pila!). The guard's will just check your bags with a smile and then ask the officers to confirm your appointment with them. And then you'll enter door 1. Just go to whatever window's available. They're just going to evaluate your papers and give you your receipt. Here's deciding time: if you want your passport be ready in 15 days, just choose Regular. It's P950.00. If you want it express which is ready in just 7 days, choose Express. You'll pay P1,200.00 for that.

THEN. Go to the 2nd floor and find the Cashier's window. You'll have to pay the price of what you chose earlier (haha) and after paying comes step 3. Ask for a queue number from that cute guy on the right. Check out the TV which shows your queue number and what station you should go to. There are like 70+ stations that encode info. Once it's your turn, just proceed to the indicated station. ALERT BABY! You have to be fresh, oil-free and pretty. They'll take your picture! :D

FOURTHLY, Just present your papers to the encoder and they'll do just everything for you. You would just have to double check if the infor they're entering their PCs are correct. After that, look at the cam, you may smile but without showing your teeth and poof. That's just it. Your passport's now on the process of completion!

OPTIONAL: You may want to have your passport be delivered to your doorstep for just a fee of P120.00. There's a table just behind the encoder stations that does all that delivery. I suggest take it baby. :)

After all that, just get out of DFA with a smile because you're still as fierce, fresh and lovely as you entered the building. Congrats baby, you're going places now. I'm so proud of you.

Reach me the defibrillator dear...

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