January 16, 2011

P-Noy's Porsche

OK. So just recently, the President of the Republic of the Philippines was discovered to have bought a 3rd hand, depreciated (but still expensive) Porsche sports car. That made some noise on the citizens thinking it's the start of his stealing from the people's funds. Oops.

Duh, the money that he's earning is like his. I know it's big but it's not meant for humanity so shut the dirty mouths. It's really not meant for charity. So he decided to buy an expensive car then congratulations, he could afford to buy one. It might be one of his reward for himself for a job well done.

I still count on his words during the time when he was just an aspirant: HINDI AKO MAGNANAKAW.

Although sir, if I may say, your Twitter sucks. I just unfollowed you. :]]

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