January 16, 2011

Adobong Manok!

This is a video of an American named Travis Kraft showing how to cook adobong manok (a Filipino cuisine) in Filipino! Haha. Man, this is entertainment! :D

"I like this American. He's like a Martian".

P-Noy's Porsche

OK. So just recently, the President of the Republic of the Philippines was discovered to have bought a 3rd hand, depreciated (but still expensive) Porsche sports car. That made some noise on the citizens thinking it's the start of his stealing from the people's funds. Oops.

Duh, the money that he's earning is like his. I know it's big but it's not meant for humanity so shut the dirty mouths. It's really not meant for charity. So he decided to buy an expensive car then congratulations, he could afford to buy one. It might be one of his reward for himself for a job well done.

I still count on his words during the time when he was just an aspirant: HINDI AKO MAGNANAKAW.

Although sir, if I may say, your Twitter sucks. I just unfollowed you. :]]

RIP Chi Chi

I will always remember how you always chase me because, although you can't talk, I know I'm your favorite master; the way you kick your legs whenever I tickle your tummy; the way you look when I serve you your food; the way you climb me just to give me a puppy kiss; your titillating barks whenever mom or dad gives you a bath.

I won't forget those puppy eyes.

I'll miss you forever Chi Chi. Rest in peace.

New Zodiac Sign: Ophiuchus

So they're saying that the world will have one big astronomical change in the discovery of a new sign named Ophiuchus. My say: DUH, I DON'T CARE!

If that would be the case, I won't be a Libran anymore and, well, I'll be a Virgan (is this even correct? Haha).

Behold the picture on the right - the man that changed everything. Behold, Ophiuchus.

Really I don't give an f-in damn for some reasons.
  • Duh. I don't believe in astronomy
  • Astronomy is not something I believe in
  • I don't read horoscopes 'coz I don't believe in you know
Plus I'm also not affected. It's only going to affect those who are gonna be born 2011 and so forth. So Libra is still my lucky constellation, whatever.

Oh, Dexter!

I am so in love with Dexter's Lab. So before Christmas, I downloaded the complete season 2 of the show (thanks to Torrent). It took me just 2 days to watch the entire season and all throughout the episodes I was laughing like this -- :DD

I skipped the episodes where the lead character is Mankey and the Justice friends. Nah, I'm not a fan. Such a WOT.

But anyway just to let you know what my favorite episode is: Dee Dee Locks and the Ness monster! Haha.

It's a parody of the fairy tales in a very nice and outrageously humorous way! I love Dee Dee. :D

Press play and enjoy, wee!

January 12, 2011

It's the ALPO card!

The first time I saw this, I was like... YEEES!

Our friend from Canada named Danish sent us cards for the holidays. I never really thought I would be getting this because none of my friends know my address and nobody even asked. But surprise! 12 noon today (it's January 12th), I saw this letter in our mailbox. Hey Danish, where in the world did you get my address? :]

She is the sweetest girl on earth. And she's my friend. :]

Reading this brings back the memories we've been to, both good and bad. It feels like yesterday since our group ALPO was still in college, playing and bitching around. I couldn't be any prouder I was destined to be one of the 13 gorgeous people of the group.

Thanks Danish. This letter gave me a trip down the memory lane and I kept smiling. I love you! :]]

January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

2010 so far has been the best year of my life. I had the best job I could ever have, I had the best time with all my friends, the best parties there could ever be and the best lover in the world to share my life with. So before I start 2011 with a bang, I'm embracing it tight. :]

Yoo hoo! Happy 2011 everyone! :D