December 12, 2010

My Dear, Lord Jesus

Hi! How are you doing? How does it feel there in heaven? Have you prepared the rooms you promised for those who put their faith in you? I'm really excited to see you.

It's been 22 years that we're together. I thank you that all throughout, all my messages for our father has reached him - without any messages left unread. No cell sites or Internet providers could send my messages that fast. You've granted me everything I could ever ask for: a good family, a good lover, just enough things to enjoy life, but most of all, a good spirit. I couldn't imagine life without me kneeling under you cross, praying for your counsel on.

Hey. I also remember when I prayed to you on my challenges before. I didn't ask to win. I just asked to have courage and do my best in everything. And all you gave was more than that. I had trophies, medals, certificates, and chance to go places because I won. Now how was that? Thanks for spoiling me that much.

I could mention a lot of wished that I asked you and then you granted me (including my favorite piano), but at times, you also didn't give me what I asked for. I prayed for health and wellness for my family, but my dad was sent to the hospital. His kidneys stopped working. He underwent dialysis.

I held on to what people tell me: that everything happens is according to Our Father's will. In the hospital, I am glad they had a room for you. Yes, I did not lose faith in you. I didn't even question you about what happened. And after just 7 days, you sent my dad home. And now came the wish I asked of you. He became healthier with his new cleaned blood. :]

The point of all this is just I was just wondering why some people do not believe in you? How could people question about your divinity? How could they forget how you saved all our souls with your sorrowful passion? Why are there agnostics, anti-Christs, and atheists? In fact, they are spreading slowly across they world. They seem normal people also, but see, their spirits are not. They're empty. They have no one to call for every Sunday, everyday.

But as long as there is me in this planet, Lord Jesus, you'll have one faithful follower. Thanks for the gift of salvation. In return I'll do my best to share your gift to us. Merry Christmas!

"Whatever you ask for in prayers, claim it, and it shall be yours."
-- Mark 11:24

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