December 12, 2010

JoeyPep - a must try!

So yesterday while having our usual Sunday "date" at Robinson's Manila, my Ser and I decided to eat someplace that my friend Alma said that's serving one of the best pizza and pasta in the whole wide world!

You see, I am a pizza-pasta aficionado. Their combination is just great that, like a bulb when you push that switch, it turns me on! Haha.

So we ordered their 2 pizzas in one order that costs 199, and then 2 pasta all you can for me and my ser. They only had Puttanesca available that time.

And when it's finally time to taste it - PUTTANESCA! It's so tasty and tomato-ey, I might say goodbye to my favorite Sbarro baked ziti! And the pizzas too. My ser loved how their mushrooms didn't taste like one, and their hot sauce is oozingly hot!

I really couldn't imagine why on earth didn't I try going to that pizzeria the whole time I go there. Their pizza-pasta combination is really to die for, we had our pasta plate refilled 3 times. We wish we could handle some more but our tummy just won't cooperate anymore. :D

For a very reasonable and affordable cost, Joey Pepperoni is a must try for kids of all ages. Satisfies your heart, your soul and your Italian tummy.

ET: This song has been playing while we were eating. Merry Christmas everyone!

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