December 10, 2010

Got my 2011 Planner!

Thanks to Markee (my officemate), I had an idea where to get a cool planner that are not like a reward for drinking coffee 16 times. :D

Hey everyone! Say hello to my 2011 Navi Planner! *clap clap clap*

Unlike the Starbucks planner, this one is more goal-oriented, which I may say is a target of having a planner. This one's more entertaining because here there's a page where you'd write things you never ever did before and there's also 100 things that you need to accomplish before 2011 ends.

It also has some discount coupons to varied stores valid only for specific months so you may surprise yourself every once in a while. Now how awesome is that. :D

Awesomeness in every sense. Wow!

I love my planner. I kiss my planner. :)

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