December 19, 2010


I swear to myself that starting today, I will spend at least an hour of my life praying at the church every Sunday.

So help me God. I love you!


And this is just SOOO true. :D

Thanks, Stellar!

This ain't your ordinary GC. it's the ultimate Sodexo® premium pass. It's as good as cash. :]


I wasn't listening to some sort of music, chum.

After this, I became electrifying. My hair turned copper. :P


Yeah. This is how simple I looked on our Christmas party 2010 at Stellar. Notice the big carb belly ei. Haha. Those won 2nd place in the broadway show. :]

A 30-second clip while we're rockin' with the band.

And I may say. 'Twas the best Christmas party I've ever attended. Although I am that lazy to tire my ass off in parties, I was so glad I did not miss this one. :]

December 15, 2010

Random kindness

is just so touching. This afternoon I woke up quite earlier than the usual. So I played PC while watching Showtime. Then came my Dad whose temper is quite a little erratic. I thought he might be mad at me because I was playing games at the PC and watching TV both at the same time but no. He instead gave me something to eat.

A complete, healthy meal courtesy of my Dad.

Random things like this is what makes life worthwhile. I can't be any luckier with my dad. It's just the 15th December and I feel like I already claimed my Christmas gift.

I love you Dad! You surprised me. :]


December 12, 2010

I swear I am NOT a fan of K-Pop - but I might soon be! Haha.

While eating at a noodle shop that is Korean themed named Santori (that's somewhere near UST. Another must-try, they serve the best noodles in the whole wide world!), I was able to watch this girls performance. Press play, quick!

You see how great their dancing were? They are Miss A with their single entitled "Breathe". I don't know why people are just not so open minded about K-Pop but these girls are really talented, I'm jealous! :D

You could also view this video on my player on the right. You know. My Mixpod! :D

JoeyPep - a must try!

So yesterday while having our usual Sunday "date" at Robinson's Manila, my Ser and I decided to eat someplace that my friend Alma said that's serving one of the best pizza and pasta in the whole wide world!

You see, I am a pizza-pasta aficionado. Their combination is just great that, like a bulb when you push that switch, it turns me on! Haha.

So we ordered their 2 pizzas in one order that costs 199, and then 2 pasta all you can for me and my ser. They only had Puttanesca available that time.

And when it's finally time to taste it - PUTTANESCA! It's so tasty and tomato-ey, I might say goodbye to my favorite Sbarro baked ziti! And the pizzas too. My ser loved how their mushrooms didn't taste like one, and their hot sauce is oozingly hot!

I really couldn't imagine why on earth didn't I try going to that pizzeria the whole time I go there. Their pizza-pasta combination is really to die for, we had our pasta plate refilled 3 times. We wish we could handle some more but our tummy just won't cooperate anymore. :D

For a very reasonable and affordable cost, Joey Pepperoni is a must try for kids of all ages. Satisfies your heart, your soul and your Italian tummy.

ET: This song has been playing while we were eating. Merry Christmas everyone!

My Dear, Lord Jesus

Hi! How are you doing? How does it feel there in heaven? Have you prepared the rooms you promised for those who put their faith in you? I'm really excited to see you.

It's been 22 years that we're together. I thank you that all throughout, all my messages for our father has reached him - without any messages left unread. No cell sites or Internet providers could send my messages that fast. You've granted me everything I could ever ask for: a good family, a good lover, just enough things to enjoy life, but most of all, a good spirit. I couldn't imagine life without me kneeling under you cross, praying for your counsel on.

Hey. I also remember when I prayed to you on my challenges before. I didn't ask to win. I just asked to have courage and do my best in everything. And all you gave was more than that. I had trophies, medals, certificates, and chance to go places because I won. Now how was that? Thanks for spoiling me that much.

I could mention a lot of wished that I asked you and then you granted me (including my favorite piano), but at times, you also didn't give me what I asked for. I prayed for health and wellness for my family, but my dad was sent to the hospital. His kidneys stopped working. He underwent dialysis.

I held on to what people tell me: that everything happens is according to Our Father's will. In the hospital, I am glad they had a room for you. Yes, I did not lose faith in you. I didn't even question you about what happened. And after just 7 days, you sent my dad home. And now came the wish I asked of you. He became healthier with his new cleaned blood. :]

The point of all this is just I was just wondering why some people do not believe in you? How could people question about your divinity? How could they forget how you saved all our souls with your sorrowful passion? Why are there agnostics, anti-Christs, and atheists? In fact, they are spreading slowly across they world. They seem normal people also, but see, their spirits are not. They're empty. They have no one to call for every Sunday, everyday.

But as long as there is me in this planet, Lord Jesus, you'll have one faithful follower. Thanks for the gift of salvation. In return I'll do my best to share your gift to us. Merry Christmas!

"Whatever you ask for in prayers, claim it, and it shall be yours."
-- Mark 11:24


...shoot! Ahaha. No, I'm not trying to curse or something. I was simply fooling around, feeding grass. Haha. NOT!

As early as today, I already have myself a Christmas treat with this very awesome scent from Bulgari. Ladies and gentlemen, splurge into this deep sea scent of Aquamarine.

It's got that nature fresh water scent, ready to impress people 10 feet around you (read: exaggeration). I bought this because this scent just brings out the good on my mood. But more importantly, this scent reminds me of my great ocean adventure. :]

December 11, 2010

M. O. M.

Because I will always and forever be your "Mama's boy". And in my world, you'll forever be Queen. Happy birthday Ma! I love you! :D

December 10, 2010

Got my 2011 Planner!

Thanks to Markee (my officemate), I had an idea where to get a cool planner that are not like a reward for drinking coffee 16 times. :D

Hey everyone! Say hello to my 2011 Navi Planner! *clap clap clap*

Unlike the Starbucks planner, this one is more goal-oriented, which I may say is a target of having a planner. This one's more entertaining because here there's a page where you'd write things you never ever did before and there's also 100 things that you need to accomplish before 2011 ends.

It also has some discount coupons to varied stores valid only for specific months so you may surprise yourself every once in a while. Now how awesome is that. :D

Awesomeness in every sense. Wow!

I love my planner. I kiss my planner. :)

December 3, 2010

You're NOT a single lady

Haha. Gay asian kiddo. :D (Thanks Mo Twister!)

Because I love you

And I can't fetch you at school yesterday, I decided that we have a breakfast together. I hope I started your day right. :D

Although you had LBM after. Haha. And your quiz is extremely hard. But it's alright. What matters most is that we loved at all.

McDonald's Big breakfast for big people with big dreams. Like us!