November 29, 2010

A year of moving on

So. Imagine you're hurt, Deeply hurt this 2010, and for the next year you wanted to really move on every single day. You stumble for some help. You pray there's a book that could help you do that.

Surprise, your prayer's answered! With this witty planner named "Relax, puso lang yan malayo sa bituka" 2011 planner, you will be have an everyday guide to forgetting that once a blissful love story of your life. This planner features:

  • A cool love history questionnaire for you to assess about how your past relationships went
  • A love-o-meter that would measure how much you really loved
  • Surprise/Reward coupons for every successful step followed

  • And so much for you to discover

Just click on the above picture or the advertisement on the right for more details and contact the person owning that facebook profile (her name is Anika, she's one of my bestfriends so I can assure you it's a safe order or KILL ME NOW!).

Limited stocks available so don't let the chance of enjoying that moving on process next year pass you by. :)

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