November 26, 2010


Never in my life has I felt so unimportant.

If the dramas I make seems to stop you from doing other things in your life, then kick me out of your life. I swear it would hurt, but I wouldn't mind. I would love to stop someone's world but not this way.

Since when did becoming transparent become a crime? Why is it that when it's your turn to make the everyday drama, I always end up being there for you? And then when I feel bad and it's because of YOUR fault, you don't even want to try and put up with me? Life's like you. You both are unfair.

Dearest blogspot, I swear the world wouldn't know about the wounds this person is causing me. You are my safe. You are my diary. And I swear to you, that person wouldn't know about the real me anymore.

It's thanksgiving day today. Thanks for making me feel unpretty.

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