November 29, 2010


So I had some time to bond with the person in the world - my mow-mow-meeh! We were supposed to buy his workbook. But since it was already 8PM and it's a Sunday, you wouldn't expect that we could buy one now, would you? :D

So our lazy asses got us eating dinner at Pinas Sarap, it's one fastfood chain at Saint Thomas square España that serves nasty dishes for a very unreasonable price. Their free soup tastes like rubber, chicken pecho and palabok all taste like rubber. Plus beggars are allowed to mug you inside the food store premises. Our dinner ended up with me feeling cranky so we headed to Starbucks for some good time.

We ordered our coffee, talked about the latest news, got bored and then I grabbed a pen and paper to show off - I showed him my stellar signature. It's so professional, it's so president-ish. But when I came and saw his, wow. Haha. I didn't say anything.

You see my mow-mow-meeh is the most perfect person on the planet and he can't have anything less than that. So I decided to convince him to have a better signature. He practiced a lot. We really got no paper then but just a piece of receipt, a torned part of a paper ream cover and the mystical mow-mow-meeh belt which is hilariously just a cover for Starbucks' Pesto. :D

I told him to incorporate something about his line - something that would say he's an engineer. And he ended up with a very nice one. Swirls, lines, greek letters all mixed up in one signature, ended up with a strikethrough. I love it. I wish I could've scanned that picture.

Haha. All I wanted to say is I enjoyed doing all these because I'm with mow-mow-meeh. We had so much fun, I didn't even notice it was past 12. :)

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