November 25, 2010

Broken promise(s)

Has it ever occurred to you that someone just made you a promise that you really believed, that ended up with him/her breaking it?

For as you know, I am a very insecure person. My trust issues are bigger than what I am. I don't know what happened to me but more often than not, I automatically disbelieve any promises given to me. So when I say "I trust you", it's like me sinking into the water and believing in your promise that you would be there, keeping me afloat and still alive.

Just this night, someone just broke his promise to me. Well petty as it may seem, but for me it counts big time. I was so disappointed. How could one ever make one promise that seems to be so believable, then in the end would only end up hurting me that make because of breaking it?

Keeping a promise is not something that would expire in a matter of time. It requires a life long commitment. So better than promising me of something that you cannot keep just to end up an argument, I wish people would've just thought of something better than breaking a promise. You just don't know how much I really believed. Now all the trust I have is down to just a mere bauble.

But that person has just been honest enough though and I give high credits for honesty. Well thank you for being honest about breaking your promise anyway. In the end, you weren't really the person who doesn't really easily forget but actually, it was really me.

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