July 18, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I am so glad that every Sunday, I get to add some good memories to end my very stressful week. I couldn't be thankful enough to that person who shares with me his precious time in this ever busy life.

So for this week, we went to SM Megamall just to fool around and plainly have fun:

So we ate a lot at some snack buffet at Dad's, Kamayan and Saisaki

And then we decided to have an art pet. Look! It's Swami Vivekananda! :D

And here's how we actually made our Swami :D

Then we headed to the REAL pet shop and look! It's that cute bunny! :D

How about some angel voices? Krissy and Erica Mall tour

Power books! That place we can't miss whenever we're at the mall. We're supposed to read here and not cam whore but I can't help it. Haha. Sorry!

Now how about some healthy yogurt ice cream? Cherries I love! - nope, he hates it :))

We also played Tekken 5 and chose our favorite characters! Haha. It wasn't really a long day. Time really pass that fast when you're doing something worthwhile. Thanks ser. I'm one and a half of a happy guy dahil sa'yo :D

PS: We're finally going to the Magic Booth tomorrow! Hooray! :D

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