July 4, 2010

Best Sunday ever

I am always looking forward to weekends. You may say that I am a weekend person (if there is such a thing, well that might be me). Aside from the fact that I get to rest from a week of toiling at work, I also get some household chores done, clean my closet, surf the net all day and of course have some time to relax and recreate.

I was supposed to be sad because my movie date with my special someone was canceled because my 'ser' has to attend a friend's overnight birthday party. OK so that's rescheduled for Sunday. Now what's worse than that is when I found out that my work schedule has changed. I am no longer free during weekends. My new off would be Friday and Saturday. THIS IS DEVASTATION. Every weekend is holiday to me as I get to enjoy a lot of things - but more importantly, I get to get out with my 'ser' (whose free days are Sunday and Monday). Now that our offs aren't the same anymore, the chance of spending some time with him is impossible. Being on that situation is like a patient not getting his medicine. The time I spend with my ser is my drug.

Oh great. So the movie date that I looked forward to is not gonna happen. For a moment I was like a toddler crying over a spilled milk. But my Lord didn't want me to feel that way. So through his divine intervention, a miracle happened. One of my officemates just begged me to have an off swap. She'll get my Friday off for her Sunday off! Hooray! So the Sunday movie date would push through. Problem solved, but not quite. Still for the rest of the 3 month period, my off would be Friday and Saturday. My day went perfect when another officemate requested for a 'forever swap' - her Sunday/Monday off for my Friday/Saturday off! Perfect! Haha, I love you Lord :D

So Saturday came and I didn't get the chance to see 'ser'. I diverted my attention instead. I went out shopping with my small sister Rio to bey her a gift. She requested for a pair of shoes - and presto, she found the perfect one and she was so happy about it! Happiness, 1 point.

When we got home, we bought this venti Starbucks frappe which proved me that coffee is really an up-er. Goodness sake, I was awake all night like a horse loaded with ketamine! I was restless. And surprise, then came Sunday.

All throughout the night, I was texting with my 'ser' who was so pissed off his friend for some immaturity reasons (that I won't disclose here anymore). That was June 4, 2010. I wouldn't forget that from a birthday party having had a few shots of liquor, no sleep and no rest, he promised to see lector read at the church. And my 'ser' didn't fail me. While I was reading the prayers for the faithful, I saw him. He kept his word :D

After the mass, we've decided to go home and meet up again later for our movie date. Now showing: Toy Story 3 in digital 3D! It was the best! I so enjoyed watching the movie with my 'ser'. It felt so good holding my ser's hand all throughout the span of the movie. He held my hand through the comedy, the ordinary and the best - the drama. Toy Story 3 made me cry.

I wish the moments we had would never end. But of course, there is 'closing' time. We always have to head home. That's always the saddest part for me. I am still with him but I already miss my 'ser' like crazy. Ouch.

When home, I began to reflect and realized how blessed I am. Like, it wouldn't be often that people really find someone that would make them 'this' happy. My weekends are always the best. But I'll mark this date. The 4th of July 2010. It's the best Sunday of my life :)

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