July 20, 2010

And everything's Magic!

MAGIC 89.9 FTW! *woot woot!*

Last week Tuesday (2 days after the Shakey's V-League game) was a VERY bad day for me. I don't know but for some reasons, I felt something wrong - my significant other is not texting me! Wah! :O

Well technically he does but something's really not right. When he texts, I reply, and then that's it. Nothing follows! Makes me wanna shout 'What iz thiz?' ala Suzy. This is something new to me.

I know we might be over the 'honeymoon stage' already but this I wasn't really ready yet. I never thought it would really come this soon. Things began running in my head. I felt like taken for granted, betrayed or something. I don't know. It's like fear of the unknown :/

You know sometimes when you get used to the caring and attention that people give you and then it suddenly just stops, it drives you crazy - like really crazy! Look what happened to me. I was so bothered about it, that while I was taking my breakfast, I really cried hard. I even phoned a friend just for comfort. Well that's effective - not until I sleep. I only slept for about an hour, then checked my phone without his text, and I ended up crying again. Harder Marvin, harder! :/

I know from the tone of my story, I sounded like I'm so into that person. Well let me admit it. YES. After the first time I saw my ser, the sun didn't become the center of my universe anymore.

So I felt bad. Like hell BAD! I tried diverting my attention so I decided to go on Twitter and found my favorite DJ's tweets - it's Suzy from the big meal! Hey. That gave me an idea. It's around 2PM then and I'm feeling lucky - what if I call to beat Suzy?

And alas! I told my story, Suzy was entertained, and *poof!* I won! I beat Suzy, 3-1 baby! :D

I don't know if she did lose on purpose but what matters is it made my day. It gave me something to talk about ser that would really make him happy. It gave me a reason to start up a conversation with him.

At the end of the day, I called him. Haha. Every bad thoughts I had was just an illusion. MISCOMMUNICATION BABY! How could I be so selfish? He's a student! He's busy and he needs to focus. Haha. Despicable me. But at least after that talk, I get to really understand what's going on with him. I heard words of reassurance. It was sincere, I barely even cried again but for joy this time. Haha. I thought I was mature already. Well this scenario proved me wrong, I guess.

Are you on a spaceship?"

-- DJ Suzy, Magic 89.9 :))

Now for the first time in my life, this Monday (19-July-2010), I (with my ser) have finally heard in personal her very famous line (mentioned above). Haha.

Not to mention, we went there to claim our prize and bring her doughnuts. Well I didn't really get my prize yet because she left it at home, but at least we got recognized all over the archipelago. She announced over the radio and made the Philippines remember that once there was this person that called her show because his boyfriend is not texting him. Haha. It feels good that she remembers. It was just a short exposure, but duh, I can't for something more than that, can I? :D

It's a Monday to love baby! ♥

See? It has been a week of topsy-turvy for me but in the end, it just went round and round, back to normal, and everything's magic. Lord loves me so much. God bless us :D

P.S.: We also met one of our favorite DJ: Junior Jock Tyler! :D

I recall before I told my significant other that I would bring him to the Magic booth. And today, it's another promise fulfilled. I feel more of a happy man :))

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