July 20, 2010

And everything's Magic!

MAGIC 89.9 FTW! *woot woot!*

Last week Tuesday (2 days after the Shakey's V-League game) was a VERY bad day for me. I don't know but for some reasons, I felt something wrong - my significant other is not texting me! Wah! :O

Well technically he does but something's really not right. When he texts, I reply, and then that's it. Nothing follows! Makes me wanna shout 'What iz thiz?' ala Suzy. This is something new to me.

I know we might be over the 'honeymoon stage' already but this I wasn't really ready yet. I never thought it would really come this soon. Things began running in my head. I felt like taken for granted, betrayed or something. I don't know. It's like fear of the unknown :/

You know sometimes when you get used to the caring and attention that people give you and then it suddenly just stops, it drives you crazy - like really crazy! Look what happened to me. I was so bothered about it, that while I was taking my breakfast, I really cried hard. I even phoned a friend just for comfort. Well that's effective - not until I sleep. I only slept for about an hour, then checked my phone without his text, and I ended up crying again. Harder Marvin, harder! :/

I know from the tone of my story, I sounded like I'm so into that person. Well let me admit it. YES. After the first time I saw my ser, the sun didn't become the center of my universe anymore.

So I felt bad. Like hell BAD! I tried diverting my attention so I decided to go on Twitter and found my favorite DJ's tweets - it's Suzy from the big meal! Hey. That gave me an idea. It's around 2PM then and I'm feeling lucky - what if I call to beat Suzy?

And alas! I told my story, Suzy was entertained, and *poof!* I won! I beat Suzy, 3-1 baby! :D

I don't know if she did lose on purpose but what matters is it made my day. It gave me something to talk about ser that would really make him happy. It gave me a reason to start up a conversation with him.

At the end of the day, I called him. Haha. Every bad thoughts I had was just an illusion. MISCOMMUNICATION BABY! How could I be so selfish? He's a student! He's busy and he needs to focus. Haha. Despicable me. But at least after that talk, I get to really understand what's going on with him. I heard words of reassurance. It was sincere, I barely even cried again but for joy this time. Haha. I thought I was mature already. Well this scenario proved me wrong, I guess.

Are you on a spaceship?"

-- DJ Suzy, Magic 89.9 :))

Now for the first time in my life, this Monday (19-July-2010), I (with my ser) have finally heard in personal her very famous line (mentioned above). Haha.

Not to mention, we went there to claim our prize and bring her doughnuts. Well I didn't really get my prize yet because she left it at home, but at least we got recognized all over the archipelago. She announced over the radio and made the Philippines remember that once there was this person that called her show because his boyfriend is not texting him. Haha. It feels good that she remembers. It was just a short exposure, but duh, I can't for something more than that, can I? :D

It's a Monday to love baby! ♥

See? It has been a week of topsy-turvy for me but in the end, it just went round and round, back to normal, and everything's magic. Lord loves me so much. God bless us :D

P.S.: We also met one of our favorite DJ: Junior Jock Tyler! :D

I recall before I told my significant other that I would bring him to the Magic booth. And today, it's another promise fulfilled. I feel more of a happy man :))

July 18, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I am so glad that every Sunday, I get to add some good memories to end my very stressful week. I couldn't be thankful enough to that person who shares with me his precious time in this ever busy life.

So for this week, we went to SM Megamall just to fool around and plainly have fun:

So we ate a lot at some snack buffet at Dad's, Kamayan and Saisaki

And then we decided to have an art pet. Look! It's Swami Vivekananda! :D

And here's how we actually made our Swami :D

Then we headed to the REAL pet shop and look! It's that cute bunny! :D

How about some angel voices? Krissy and Erica Mall tour

Power books! That place we can't miss whenever we're at the mall. We're supposed to read here and not cam whore but I can't help it. Haha. Sorry!

Now how about some healthy yogurt ice cream? Cherries I love! - nope, he hates it :))

We also played Tekken 5 and chose our favorite characters! Haha. It wasn't really a long day. Time really pass that fast when you're doing something worthwhile. Thanks ser. I'm one and a half of a happy guy dahil sa'yo :D

PS: We're finally going to the Magic Booth tomorrow! Hooray! :D

July 13, 2010

"Align your words with actions,
then people will listen.

-- Pat Jamlang

July 12, 2010

Ringside baby!

So yesterday (it was another great Sunday, see?), my ser asked me to watch The Skakey's V-League at The Fil-Oil Flying V Arena (formerly known as Ultra). I was excited because all my life I have never ever seen a live volleyball game yet, so then was my chance to actually witness one. So I said yes and surprise, it was my ser's treat - ringside baby! Haha. So here are some cute clips from the event:

San Sebastian vs. LPU. LPU players taking feign swings.

Ateneo vs. FEU. My ser loves Ho, I love Daquis :)

Interview with Ho 3. She's cute.

NU and Saint Benilde also clashed yesterday, but I didn't get the chance to take a video because... Haha. Basta. Masaya ang mga sumunod na kabanata :)

July 9, 2010

So into Stereograms!

It was indeed a boring Thursday at the office. Although I was offline (logged out then do nothing and still get paid), I could not think of anything cool to do. Got a newspaper, nothing really interesting to read about; my officemate forgot that book that I was borrowing from her; plus my officemates are kind of 'down' in the mood and nothing really much to talk about.

But thanks to my dearest new seatmate Ceszy Junsay (thanks Ceszy, you're a genius), she let me check out her book named 'Stereograms'.

Stereogram is an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional image or images. Originally, stereogram referred to a pair of stereo images which could be viewed using a stereoscope. It is somewhat of an image that fools the brain, not the eye.

Here is one good example:

To view the image cross your eyes until four images appear, then allow the image to converge to a set of three, focusing on the center image.

It was REALLY hard at first. It took me about 20 minutes before I can make that image above three by 'fooling my brain'. But once i got the hang of it, it was F-U-N! Until then I was able to see 3 dimensional images and I was like, WOW! :D

Here's another example. Hope you can find the butterfly here. You may actually click the image to enlarge it. Remember, cross eye, then relax. That's it :)

NOW THAT'S DEVIATION! Haha. More? Check out this link.

July 5, 2010


THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Although sleepless, dance while ordering a meal @ KFC Robinson's Manila. 07/04/2010 :D

July 4, 2010

Best Sunday ever

I am always looking forward to weekends. You may say that I am a weekend person (if there is such a thing, well that might be me). Aside from the fact that I get to rest from a week of toiling at work, I also get some household chores done, clean my closet, surf the net all day and of course have some time to relax and recreate.

I was supposed to be sad because my movie date with my special someone was canceled because my 'ser' has to attend a friend's overnight birthday party. OK so that's rescheduled for Sunday. Now what's worse than that is when I found out that my work schedule has changed. I am no longer free during weekends. My new off would be Friday and Saturday. THIS IS DEVASTATION. Every weekend is holiday to me as I get to enjoy a lot of things - but more importantly, I get to get out with my 'ser' (whose free days are Sunday and Monday). Now that our offs aren't the same anymore, the chance of spending some time with him is impossible. Being on that situation is like a patient not getting his medicine. The time I spend with my ser is my drug.

Oh great. So the movie date that I looked forward to is not gonna happen. For a moment I was like a toddler crying over a spilled milk. But my Lord didn't want me to feel that way. So through his divine intervention, a miracle happened. One of my officemates just begged me to have an off swap. She'll get my Friday off for her Sunday off! Hooray! So the Sunday movie date would push through. Problem solved, but not quite. Still for the rest of the 3 month period, my off would be Friday and Saturday. My day went perfect when another officemate requested for a 'forever swap' - her Sunday/Monday off for my Friday/Saturday off! Perfect! Haha, I love you Lord :D

So Saturday came and I didn't get the chance to see 'ser'. I diverted my attention instead. I went out shopping with my small sister Rio to bey her a gift. She requested for a pair of shoes - and presto, she found the perfect one and she was so happy about it! Happiness, 1 point.

When we got home, we bought this venti Starbucks frappe which proved me that coffee is really an up-er. Goodness sake, I was awake all night like a horse loaded with ketamine! I was restless. And surprise, then came Sunday.

All throughout the night, I was texting with my 'ser' who was so pissed off his friend for some immaturity reasons (that I won't disclose here anymore). That was June 4, 2010. I wouldn't forget that from a birthday party having had a few shots of liquor, no sleep and no rest, he promised to see lector read at the church. And my 'ser' didn't fail me. While I was reading the prayers for the faithful, I saw him. He kept his word :D

After the mass, we've decided to go home and meet up again later for our movie date. Now showing: Toy Story 3 in digital 3D! It was the best! I so enjoyed watching the movie with my 'ser'. It felt so good holding my ser's hand all throughout the span of the movie. He held my hand through the comedy, the ordinary and the best - the drama. Toy Story 3 made me cry.

I wish the moments we had would never end. But of course, there is 'closing' time. We always have to head home. That's always the saddest part for me. I am still with him but I already miss my 'ser' like crazy. Ouch.

When home, I began to reflect and realized how blessed I am. Like, it wouldn't be often that people really find someone that would make them 'this' happy. My weekends are always the best. But I'll mark this date. The 4th of July 2010. It's the best Sunday of my life :)

July 2, 2010

They say absence only makes the heart grow fonder.
-- "Amen." I say to them :)