June 28, 2010


Now who doesn't love weekends? You get to rest, do stuffs like clean your closet, do the laundry, go anywhere you'd like to, etc.

So here are the things I did this weekend (these gave me a solid reason why I love weekends):

+ Had breakfast with teammates @ Shakey's
+ Laughed at one crazy jejemon comic stip
+ Sang over our newly-amplified videoke machine
+ Had pedicure
+ Bought my first white polo shirt
+ Movie Marathon: watched 'Mean Girls' and 'Perfume'
+ Ate my favorite summer salad chips with salsa
+ Slept over a place not mine
+ Ate a sumptuous meal plus halo-halo @ Chowking
+ Went to Amei's despedida party
+ Quality time with bestfriends Jace and Jhoker
+ Had a great time with my group ALPO
+ Introduced my better half on my friends
+ Struggled to attend an evening mass but failed to so...
+ I Just brew my favorite Caramel Macchiato @ SB Pacific Towers

And the best part: most of those I did with my ser. Ayown!

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