June 7, 2010

The season of loneliness

So the rainy season finally started to invade the tropical island of the Philippines. Some fool people thought it would start to get cooler but nuh-uh. No change in the weather at all. Here comes the effect of that global warming that our scientists have foretold. So it's raining and we get wet - wet with our own sweat because the heat still lingers. Ugh.

Still praise the Lord for the rain! That gloomy dark clouds give me that cool feeling already even if the rain still hasn't poured down yet. I love the breeze of the air and its smell (you know it when it's really raining)! I may sound weird but I really love it whenever I go out and then it rains. I don't know. Maybe I just enjoy utilizing my umbrella? Haha. I really don't know but I love it when my shoes and pants get wet because of the rain.

The rain brings me old and sweet memories back. I will never forget that one time, I was with my 3-day love affair. I'm sending my love home (and it's raining), and we can't really fit in my small umbrella. You know what I did - I just kept the umbrella in my bag and let the cold but sweet rain wet our clothes! We were laughing on our way to my love's home. Yeah it was sweet, but after that, it's all gone. It's as if it didn't happen. My love decided to end it all up. Little did I know that what I did was just so romantic - only for me.

It happened about a year ago, yeah, but the pain that I'm feeling whenever I remember what happened is still fresh. I'm trying to stay positive, like maybe a year is not enough to heal the wounds I had. It was one of my biggest hearthbreak.

So now that it's raining, here I go in front of my computer, having that melancholy and chanting the song that reminds me everything about 'my love'.

"My whole life has changed, since you came in..."

Now we really don't have any more communication. So whenever I feel like missing 'my love', I got nothing to do but stare in the ceiling, just recall that 3 days of bliss, and then cry.

Haha. But I am that positive, trust me. In every single day that I live, I try to move on. Maybe now I still can't even though it has been a year ago. But I'm positive that someday it would all be just a memory that I would laugh about - a love story that came along in the season of rain. Good day everyone! :D

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