June 16, 2010

Online payment hassle

They say that making payments online is the best and most convenient way for you to get rid of your bills as it is hassle-free, electronic and only done with a few clicks on the mouse so there's no longer a need to rush in the payment booth and wait for so long. Half true.

Yes it is indeed easy as you stare on your monitor, click your mouse a few times and everything is going to be taken care of. But how reliable is that gonna be?

In my case, I made an online payment for my SmartBro Internet on the 12th (that is a Satuday) so I would really expect it to post not until Tuesday since Monday is a holiday too and banks are off on weekends. So I trusted that it shall post on Tuesday. But it's already Wednesday and the bill is still not taken care off so I was really in such panic and keep yelling like 'what iz thiz?"

I've never been late on my payments because I do value time so much, whether it'd be my time or your time. So being late on something that I know I already did my part is such a disaster for me.

What worsens it is that when I called SmartBro to ask why, the representative sounded like he really doesn't know what he's doing. He kept on saying I must call my bank to confirm but hey! It already cleared my bank, plus I already got the confirmation number you nuts. Some people are really not doing their job.

I feel bad because it's my first time making payments online and I didn't get that 'comfort' that they are boasting about. Makes me think like it's ANOTHER SmartBro issue again huh.

Well I'll just look into it and see where this issue goes. I just hope I am not marked late or charged for being late because I really wasn't, right?

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