June 13, 2010

Friday Madness

Since me and my colleagues really don't want to go home yet after our uwian on Fridays, we have all agreed that we would go somewhere to chill out first. And for this week, we have chosen to go to Banchetto.

It's one nice spot at Ortigas where they serve succulent food for a very reasonable price. No wonder hip people from every corners of this urban world visit there. Banchetto is open Fridays from 11pm to 8am.

So I was with these cool guys (who I am with every single day of my life). They are the best officemates I had - the source of that willpower to go to work everyday. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome:

CHESKA. The Femme Fatale, ANTM geek and a model wannabe who takes inspiration out of her favorite ANTM contestant from cycle 14, Reina (her future). She doesn't belong to our bay, as all of us are from Latin America, but it really didn't matter. She always sits with us no matter what - even if it gets her into trouble (now that love's divine, right?). She is the eldest among us so you could expect her to be the smartest (like, how the hell did she know that Mount Taal used to be a tall volcano?) and the most reasonable. Her humors are the group's bomb - It's always mabenta. She is one of the good reasons to stay working at our dreaded workplace.

GENA. But her real name is Genalyn and she hates it so much so we call her Genalen* instead. She is my Little Miss Sunshine. Her laughter is our group's loudest, but it's so original like you'll see 'joy' as defined by Merriam-Webster's dictionary. Every joke is mabenta to this lady who also loves pastel yellow. Plus, she's always rockin' in style like every single working day of our lives. She's also the source of the juiciest secrets in town - especially in the world of show business - from Philippines to Hollywood. She's one of the sincerest friends I've got. No wonder her old friends are hunting us to get her back in their group. Well sorry girls, but she's mine :]

MARKEE. Now this tall, shy and timid guy is actually not shy and timid at all. I mean this guy has that ever changing mood. He is Mister Mood Swing of year 2010. One moment he's quiet, the next moment he's loud (like perky loud). He's a walking stick, but I wouldn't wonder if one day we'll just notice that he's already buffy and muscular as he goes to the gym (hot!). Plus this guy is sooo thoughtful. I remember I asked him one day about the chorus of our bathroom song (Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy) and then the next day, he gave me this note with the song's lyrics, all handwritten! What a walking gentleman. If I were a girl and this guy would court me, I'd say yes in an instant.

MAUI. If you could remember in one of my entries before, she is the girl that went to Singapore. She finally came back so we have one good reason to celebrate. She is the Queen of Sharing (whatever this means, we know). Dull moments do not exist whenever we're around her 'cause everything (I mean EVERYTHING) she does is funny. She's one geek when it comes to things of the past - like ask her whatever things from the 80's and she'll give you the answer! One time we played charades and the topic is old movies. Guess what, she's the winner! Now who's Manilyn Reynes' first boyfriend? She knows :D

VHIAR. This lady right here is my bessy from the beginning of my Stellar days. She is my soulmate. It's like wherever she is, I'm there too. She's number 2 in our group's loudest laugh (not to mention her trademark pleasure eyes whenever she does that laughing). I remember one time I was so sleepy, this 'innocent looking' girl laughed so hard that TL Marvin forced me to transfer stations because he thought it was me! Haha. You'll never consider this innocent-looking person to be bad, but think twice 'cause you might be wrong! Haha. Plus whenever I feel lost in life or needs counsel to move on, I never fail to ask her for pieces of advice. Her words work like wonders for me.

So for next Friday, I'm still thinking where our feet would lead us. But as for this Banchetto trip, I love it like it's hot :D

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