June 7, 2010

Fly away

Let's keep working. For up until now, we still haven't accomplished anything yet.

Like every other Filipino worker, I'm dreaming to make it big. And the best option I think would be is to fly abroad and work there. There is definitely no future here in the Philippines working as a nurse. Well, I took nursing primarily to go abroad and get paid bigtime right?

And the dream starts now. My bestfriend and I are having this gameplan about going to Singapore. Employment rate is pretty high. We have a friend there (Hi Allen!) and he's our batchmate, and he's now a nurse there. Plus going there won't be that much of a hustle because it's just a 3-hour ride here, and also we have another friend who's going to share us her crib (Hi Maui). Something about this Singapore dream that gives me chills. I can see the future. I can feel it. Success! :D

I am so excited like I wanna pack my bags right now and leave. But halt - kept thinking about the things that I would leave here. My Dad and Mom whom I always depended everything upon (from the food to the laundry), my kuya and bunso that kicks boredom out of my life, my friends and of course, my heart. Lately I think I'm falling in love again. Haha. Here goes the hopelessly romantic me again. Whew.

Still I would stick to this plan. My target: within the next 6 months, I should already be there, working as a nurse. Wish me luck ok? :*)

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