June 13, 2010

Could this be love?

At times, love could be the most annoying topic to discuss. It seems every detail sounds cheap and exaggerated. But when I think about it, there might be one good reason why they considered 'Love is greatest of them all'. And officially today, I feel it. :]

Lately, I've been into that good feeling again. Someone's entered my boring world again and brought it life. No, I didn't know that person for a long time. That person just entered my life in a zap, and I think we 'clicked'. They say that the best option for a person to be your lover is to choose among those who stayed in your life for a long time and who knows you very well. But watch me break rules.

Am I in love again? I don't know. But this person seems to be so special. My world stops whenever that person smiles at me. My day wouldn't be complete unless I receive a beep from my phone, displaying that person's name.

I'll never ever be that vocal as I'm really torpe. But that's just what I am. My feeling could be kept ocean deep under the abysmal depth though I know I would regret it in the end. But I'm really trying my best. I'm trying my very best. I guess I'm just waiting for that right moment so bahala na si Batman.

I apologize that I'm becoming cheesy guys and that I also don't tell you everything about this special person I've been mentioning like crazy. You know sometimes there are tendencies that when you tell others your story, the magic just flies away. So as much as I can, I'm keeping this one as a secret. I don't want this feeling to go away yet. Not while I am still savoring every day that we're connected.

And if ever this is it, I'll grab it with arms wide open and I won't let it go. If this might be what I've been praying for, I don't know. Let's just see where our story goes. I'm wishing that this is not just one-way feeling. I hope that the feeling is mutual and my fingers are crossed :]

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