May 24, 2010

Plants versus Zombies!

After we bought our new PC, a lot of thanks to lovers Brian and Madol because they installed our computer with this software called Plants versus Zombies. Little did I know that I'd be so into this game, that I'd even sacrifice my hours of sleep just to watch that peashooter kill that freakin' zombie! Haha. No wonder some people I know are also addicted to this.

I beat this game already like 2 times, plus finished all of its mini-games and survival mode but my obsession to this game still hasn't lowered even a bit. I'm still addicted! I still wanted to grow my tree of wisdom so tall, water my plants, etc. Haha. How I love this game.

Go ahead and download this software HERE for free so we'd have a lot of things to talk about. Enjoy!


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