May 23, 2010

I'm one proud son

And this lady right here folks is the image of a girl that I will marry years from now. Yep guys, she's my mom

"And there are very few people who can truly be that comfortable and familiar to us than our moms. I guess that it doesn't matter what and who we are; we'll always be mama's boys."
-- Tony Montemayor

This entry is already too late for a mother's day tribute, but I'll say it anyway.

How attached is a child to his/her mom? Take a guy who first appears on a TV gameshow for example. When it's his/her time to say something to the world, what do they say? - "Hi Nay, nasa Wowowee po ako!"

Haha. Sounds funny but true, right? If it would have been me, I swear I would do the same. That's because that's what my instincts tell me: to honor on national TV the person I love the most in my life. Another example, during victory speech (or whatever you call it) on a graduation day. The valedictorian would thank all the people in the world, but nevertheless, it would start or end on praises to a mom who, in a way or two, sacrificed a lot just to have that person finish his/her studies. Great.

My mom is the greatest woman I have in my life. She knows me all throughout. Never does she know but I appreciate it so much that she always prepares us breakfast. It only shows that she wanted to be part of our everyday life, specially before our hectic day at work starts. Someone else could do the tastiest sinigang, the yummiest spaghetti or the cleanest laundry, but it's no match to what my wonder mom can do. Whatever she does, it's always the best. I never ever had just mediocre outputs from her.

My mom never finished college but she's an example of successful even without ever attaining a degree. Right now, she's 50 something she's supposed to be unemployed already but because the world still needs her expertise in food and dining services, she's still working as a manager for OWWA Commissary. What a walking success my mom is.

My mom is my definition of a perfect wife. I could risk not getting married in the future if the girl I would have wouldn't be as great as my mom, no more, no less. It may not say it that often but hey mom, read this: I love you more than you'll ever know. I am truly one proud son. You're the best mom :D

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