May 23, 2010

My favorite nephew

Some people doesn't really know that I love kids. I love them because I love seeing them cry. Haha! And then, seeing them happy after I buy them a lollipop or an ice candy. I love seeing how their faces suddenly change from pouting their lips in frown to stretching their face with their heavenly smile. Truly, kids are one of the best God's gift here on earth. They mirror what joy really is all about.

And this one right here is my favorite nephew. His name is Arvee and he is just 6 years old. I saw him the first time when we went to Quezon province for our famuly summer vacation. He is so cute, he's an eyecandy like look at those doll black eyes! But what made me fall in love with this boy is because he was raised well by his parents. He calls me kuya (although I'm his uncle, I think that's just OK). He is so courteous and loving. I remember one time, he bought this mentos candy and gave me 5 of those. Then after about only 5 minutes and he already ate all his candies, he went back to me and asked if he could have some of mine. Since he's my favorite, I gave him all the candies I had and he was so thankful! He said "Kuya salamat po" in a wholehearted manner like he's really grateful! Haha. He's a walking supply of love.

It's sad that I wouldn't watch him grow up because he goes with his parents in Cavite. But with what I see with him right now, he started out good. I am so lucky and proud to have him as my nephew. Wee!

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