May 1, 2010

Family day it is

Finally a day of rest after a long week of working.

Since it's summer, my mom asked me to join her buy for some summer outfits. You know, may pinagmanahan e.Haha. So we went to SM San Lazaro with my forever favorite chaperone, my younger sister Rio.

So they chose: from lingeries, to shorts, swimsuits, jeans, blah blah. And the best part - I paid the bill! Haha. I'm bigger na talaga. I mean, it felt good that I am the one paying for things their like. I love seeing their delight, especially my mom. Ang laking tipid nun sa kanya. So she could use her money to buy something else instead.

And then I took them out for dinner at Sbarro. It was their first time and like me, they love it! Sbarro is really a haven for pizza-pasta. Too bad the pizza we bought for dad spoiled out. Tsk. Whoever's fault that is, walang problema. We had so much fun naman e (Although it doesn't show on my mom's pic above, look! Haha. She's just like that).

And tomorrow, wah! I'm excited. I bought a brand new PC for our home like yeah! It's my investment for our house and my dad loves it, especially the LCD monitor. Haha.

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