May 24, 2010

Plants versus Zombies!

After we bought our new PC, a lot of thanks to lovers Brian and Madol because they installed our computer with this software called Plants versus Zombies. Little did I know that I'd be so into this game, that I'd even sacrifice my hours of sleep just to watch that peashooter kill that freakin' zombie! Haha. No wonder some people I know are also addicted to this.

I beat this game already like 2 times, plus finished all of its mini-games and survival mode but my obsession to this game still hasn't lowered even a bit. I'm still addicted! I still wanted to grow my tree of wisdom so tall, water my plants, etc. Haha. How I love this game.

Go ahead and download this software HERE for free so we'd have a lot of things to talk about. Enjoy!


May 23, 2010

That Quezon experience

It was awfully hot everywhere. Even the trees in Quezon province didn't really help cooling down the heat. Well at least I enjoyed it. Here are some of our pictures taken.

This was in Cabay Church during the wedding of our cousin. That's mom, Rioo (my beautiful younger sister, right?) and the infamous me. Haha!

A huge wave of zombies is approaching! Ahaha!


Look! How can you not like that smile? :D

This is how we break boredom on our way back to Manila. Haha!

My favorite nephew

Some people doesn't really know that I love kids. I love them because I love seeing them cry. Haha! And then, seeing them happy after I buy them a lollipop or an ice candy. I love seeing how their faces suddenly change from pouting their lips in frown to stretching their face with their heavenly smile. Truly, kids are one of the best God's gift here on earth. They mirror what joy really is all about.

And this one right here is my favorite nephew. His name is Arvee and he is just 6 years old. I saw him the first time when we went to Quezon province for our famuly summer vacation. He is so cute, he's an eyecandy like look at those doll black eyes! But what made me fall in love with this boy is because he was raised well by his parents. He calls me kuya (although I'm his uncle, I think that's just OK). He is so courteous and loving. I remember one time, he bought this mentos candy and gave me 5 of those. Then after about only 5 minutes and he already ate all his candies, he went back to me and asked if he could have some of mine. Since he's my favorite, I gave him all the candies I had and he was so thankful! He said "Kuya salamat po" in a wholehearted manner like he's really grateful! Haha. He's a walking supply of love.

It's sad that I wouldn't watch him grow up because he goes with his parents in Cavite. But with what I see with him right now, he started out good. I am so lucky and proud to have him as my nephew. Wee!

What beats the summer heat

This is halo-halo. Believe it or not guys, this tasty, fruity and masahog na halo-halo that I bought during our vacation in Quezon province is only TEN PESOS! Sulit ha. Haha!

Well I asked the vendor if di ba sya nalulugi, but she's proud to say some of the ingredients of her halo-halo are only found on her backyard. So it's free. Plus the ice costs cheaper there than here in Manila so selling it for that price is just fine.

Trust me guys, it's a must try (that is if ever you'll go to Quezon). There's no leche flan but the ube and the nata de coco is already enough to give you that heavenly halo-halo taste.

I'm one proud son

And this lady right here folks is the image of a girl that I will marry years from now. Yep guys, she's my mom

"And there are very few people who can truly be that comfortable and familiar to us than our moms. I guess that it doesn't matter what and who we are; we'll always be mama's boys."
-- Tony Montemayor

This entry is already too late for a mother's day tribute, but I'll say it anyway.

How attached is a child to his/her mom? Take a guy who first appears on a TV gameshow for example. When it's his/her time to say something to the world, what do they say? - "Hi Nay, nasa Wowowee po ako!"

Haha. Sounds funny but true, right? If it would have been me, I swear I would do the same. That's because that's what my instincts tell me: to honor on national TV the person I love the most in my life. Another example, during victory speech (or whatever you call it) on a graduation day. The valedictorian would thank all the people in the world, but nevertheless, it would start or end on praises to a mom who, in a way or two, sacrificed a lot just to have that person finish his/her studies. Great.

My mom is the greatest woman I have in my life. She knows me all throughout. Never does she know but I appreciate it so much that she always prepares us breakfast. It only shows that she wanted to be part of our everyday life, specially before our hectic day at work starts. Someone else could do the tastiest sinigang, the yummiest spaghetti or the cleanest laundry, but it's no match to what my wonder mom can do. Whatever she does, it's always the best. I never ever had just mediocre outputs from her.

My mom never finished college but she's an example of successful even without ever attaining a degree. Right now, she's 50 something she's supposed to be unemployed already but because the world still needs her expertise in food and dining services, she's still working as a manager for OWWA Commissary. What a walking success my mom is.

My mom is my definition of a perfect wife. I could risk not getting married in the future if the girl I would have wouldn't be as great as my mom, no more, no less. It may not say it that often but hey mom, read this: I love you more than you'll ever know. I am truly one proud son. You're the best mom :D

They say it's the fastest

But why is it that I feel a little unsatisfied with its speed? Well before I bought this wireless USB kit that they were giving, I asked for opinions. I got good feedbacks, like one of my colleagues said that they were able to download about 1GB of file in a week with a lightning speed. So there, I tried 'believing' but why is that that it's as if I'm using dial up? I bought SmartBro and NOT ISP bonanza. Haha!

I'm considering like maybe it's the peak time (it's 7pm) that people use the Internet but hell yeah, Internet SHOULD be fast hey. Specially that I am quite mainipin, ayoko ng mabagal.

Help anyone?! What do you think?

May 13, 2010

Did you miss me?

If your answer is yes, then I miss you too! Haha. Been quite a while since I last posted an entry and I really miss doing so. My shift at work just ain't really good so I tend to be really sleepy whenever my shift is over so I don't really have time to do all these blahs. Ayun. I hope you guys understand. But watch out guys. This weekend maybe I'll try to add some random thoughts. And thanks for the visit! I really appreciate it :D

May 1, 2010

Life's that easy

They say laughter is the best medicine. If so, then why are those people in mental hospital still ill? Haha. Think about it.

I told you I'm just as crazy as everybody else is. These pictures almost sent me to the mental hospital. Man, this is epic!

What the?! Is this even real? Haha

Face to face with someone on your most private moment. You bet? :D

Yes baby, are you OK?

Say what now?

Ahaha. This is the BEST! Thanks for the info :D

Ahaha. I hope these pictures made your day a bit better. Catch more of these funny pictures at FailBlog!

Family day it is

Finally a day of rest after a long week of working.

Since it's summer, my mom asked me to join her buy for some summer outfits. You know, may pinagmanahan e.Haha. So we went to SM San Lazaro with my forever favorite chaperone, my younger sister Rio.

So they chose: from lingeries, to shorts, swimsuits, jeans, blah blah. And the best part - I paid the bill! Haha. I'm bigger na talaga. I mean, it felt good that I am the one paying for things their like. I love seeing their delight, especially my mom. Ang laking tipid nun sa kanya. So she could use her money to buy something else instead.

And then I took them out for dinner at Sbarro. It was their first time and like me, they love it! Sbarro is really a haven for pizza-pasta. Too bad the pizza we bought for dad spoiled out. Tsk. Whoever's fault that is, walang problema. We had so much fun naman e (Although it doesn't show on my mom's pic above, look! Haha. She's just like that).

And tomorrow, wah! I'm excited. I bought a brand new PC for our home like yeah! It's my investment for our house and my dad loves it, especially the LCD monitor. Haha.

Bon Voyage

Today's gonna be her last day in the Philippines. After today, she's off to Singapore to find a better fortune (I guess).

Well she'll be gone for just a month so it wouldn't be that long. But even just the thought of facing one month without her laughter gives me that feeling of missing her already. I'm gonna miss Maui.

I hope that one month won't be that long. And when she comes back, the summer continues.. we'll hit Puerto Galera! Yehey!

Bon Voyage my friend. You come and go safe and sound.