April 11, 2010

Who you gonna call?

Now what better way to spend your boring Saturday off than have a chit-chat over the phone with someone worth sharing your ideas with? And for me, the best bet for this would be no other than my bessy Jace, the king of talk.

Now since we are officemates, my bestfriend has been a part of my everyday working life. He's actually one of the best reasons I report to work. I always have fun with him. Needless to say, I may not be able to make it without him. We're more than friends but a little less than lovers. So during my off and I don't see him, I feel like missing him agad.

So we talked over the phone about things and stuff. Like how our day went, about issues we had on our office (Now this is something major), some gossips and the best part, his fantasies! Well that is already too private to talk about. It would just be between me and my bestfriend.

We started talking like about past 12 and ended at around 2am already. Haha. We kept on talking, laughing, etc. No comedy bar could ever replace the fun that I had with him over the phone. Thanks to him, he's saved my Saturday night from the creeps of boredom and monotony. It was fabulous :]

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