April 13, 2010


We went to party for three reasons: 1) Just to shake our stress away. 2) Our friend Maui's flying to Singapore for a greener pasture. 3) Our group's not gonna be together (this story will take too long to tell in details. Basta convince yourself that something really happened and we're not allowed to sit with each other anymore at work. Ayon).

Haha. A lot of thanks to P2 Bar at Cubao who never failed to amuse us. From the production numbers, to the okrays. Our night out was superb. What we had was so much beyond fun. Whatever you call that, that's what all of us felt at the end of the night.

Fab and cool at the dancefloor. There's bessy Jace, Gena, Me and Maui.

I love these guys. They're my warriors.

I'm gonna miss these guys. After all the daily taking them from granted, I realized I just love them so much. Especially Gena. I used to hate her so much because she was so noisy and she laughs so loud. But then I began to love her. She's actually my Miss Sunshine. Her aura amuses me much. She's my source of self-esteem.

There's also Markee (the guy wearing red shirt). Before he was this quiet guy who seemed boring. But after we have been teammates, I realized he has a lot to offer for some quality friendship.

Maui. Now this girl's gonna be on Singapore soon. She's the ultimate collection of the best humors. I'm gonna miss the laughter she brings my everyday life.

And Jace is going to transfer to another bay. He's not gonna be sitting next to me anymore. Now I'll face work with boredom. All of the source of my joy's gone.

Although I may sound sad at this entry, life really doesn't end there. I myself am a walking joy. I could try and find a way to brighten my day up anyway. And whatever memories that we had in this night of warrior-ing will surely give me a reason to smile whenever I feel bored and tired already (at work).

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