April 22, 2010

A tribute to ALPO

These people used to be my most hated people. They were the noisiest in class. I remember I was reviewing for our sociology exams before, and these guys were just so so inconsiderate with all their talks, noises and gossips. They were all bitches and they were all famous. They're ALPO - and they are led by the person whom evil takes human form - JC.

How evil? Well. There'd been countless encounters with teachers and students a like, complaining about the group being tactless, demotivating and notorious. Alpo is really controversial. If they were just the regular students, they might've been kicked out of the college already. But they are really different. They are all smart. That's what makes them unique. They're all dorks.

And to my surprise, one day I entered school (2005) and *poof!* I became part of the group like I really had no choice! I used to hate that idea, like never in my wildest dreams would I be thinking of joining this group. But hey, being part of the 13 unique guys with unique personalities is an adventure. Now, it was one lifetime membership that I wouldn't ever regret having.

That led me to really knowing each and everyone of them. They weren't just crazy students. They were also human. More than anything else in the world, they treasure friendship, and they treasure each other. There's a lot of things I owe this group. Like:

+ My sense of style: from "What?" to "Wow!" \m/,

+ Celebrity status in our college. Yeah!

+ The votes during the student council election.

+ The eternal laughter. I swear. They are the source of the best laugh in the world.

+ My bestfriend. Found him here :]

+ And a lot more. Too many to mention in this small space.

They/We were the most famous students in our college during our time. Up to now, I really can't believe that my world's most hated people would be my circle of refuge. And if that isn't enough, my most hated person back in college became my bestfriend! Haha. Wherever these guys are, I simply miss them. Like crazy :[

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