April 14, 2010

Now how much do you care?

Just a couple of weeks or probably days left and the Philippines is off to vote for its leaders again. There went propagandas, campaigns, etc. And the candidates showed off with all their credentials once again to impress the citizens to vote for them. Well, for the good of the country or the good of their own selves, that we don't know. Really.

I'm already 21 and yes guys, I'll be part of the history. Have registered last year and now I'm ready for this. Now don't ask me who my manoks are because honestly, I am still clueless right now. I was like, whoa! Why did May come too swiftly?

Well votes are really confidential naman e so I guess I reserve the right to keep my votes secret. Hehe. What matters is the fact that I will vote. I care for some change in the government.

I was deeply moved with this one advertisement that is playing over the television today. There was this man that just complains a lot about the government, etc. Only to find out at the end that he isn't a voter. Shame on those who are not voting. I love the slogan that they came up with: "Kung hindi ka naman boboto, wala kang karapatang magreklamo."

Now that's one clever mindset. Let's all keep this election cool and clean. And most of all, let's participate.

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