April 9, 2010

The not so impossible dream

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a doctor. Or a fireman. Or just a superhero with zapping powers. But now, I've decided - I really wanna be a Radio Jock! I wanna be a DJ!

You are tuning in to the beat of summer only here at Magic 89.9 with me DJ Marv :D

Haha. Yeah. Eversince I've become a radio freak, my dream of being a radio jock came in. It's so much fun just telling the whole Philippine Islands your insight about everything, plus you get to play their favorite songs too. Now that's holy.

Well I am the king of talk. I may consider myself as this world's most talkative man. But take note of what I say. I am a walking oracle. Not just an oracle. I've got that very neutral accent, plus I speak english spontaneously (Now you must agree or just leave this blogsite. Haha).

Comes April 17 there will be auditions for Magic 89.9's Junior Jock. I really wanted to audition but they are only looking for students who are DJ-wannabes! Man, that sucks. I wonder when will I ever get the chance to be called a DJ. That's hot!

If ever I'll be a radio jock, you'd call me DJ Marv. I'd be the mix of my favorite DJs Pat (for the voicing) and DJ Suxy (for the personality). And I'll consider myself unemployed because I would be having so much fun, I wouldn't ever think that what I'm doing is actually my job. Now ain't that cool? :D

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