April 22, 2010


And I am still dreaming of that day that when I get up, I'll no longer be this underweight person that I am right now.

Since birth, I have always been the ectomorph type. I find it sexy for me once, but now, I wish to change image. Specially this summer that everybody has this hot shape, nice abs, big biceps, things like that.

If it's discipline that we're talking about, well I am disciplined enough. I mean I eat more than an average person can, but that's to no point. I mean, no matter what I eat, I still am skinny (not that skinny. Just this skinny. Hehe). I always feel elated when my bestfriend notices na tumaba na ako. But still, Tumaba in a sense that I just had a few pounds added and that's still not my goal. I guess I've only just begun.

By the end of this blog entry, I swear I'll be one hot bod buff. People say sayang naman yung tangkad ko if I would just be this skinny. So yeah, I guess no pain no gain diba. But hey, how come I gained all this bilbil pero I didn't feel any pain at all? Ahaha. Wow.

So brace yourself for the new and better Marvin. This 2010.

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