April 22, 2010

Man, that's ethics!

I just felt bad that some guys just don't have toilethics (a study of proper use of toilet, I think?).

For the longest time, I have been observing that whenever I use the toilet (whether to pee or not to pee, it doesn't matter), the seat cover is always down and wet with urine. Ugh. Disgusting. That was so inconsiderate. Well of course that couldn't come from a girl's... uhm, you know. The suspect is clear. It's the boys!

Basically, the seat cover was made to be a protection when you take a seat at your throne (and you KNOW what I mean). It should be dry. It should give you comfort. But when it's wet with man pee, now that's awful. Kawawa naman yung susunod na gagamit. What if gamit na gamit na sya? That must be torture.

I have observed that a lot. Most men do not know the purpose of a seat toilet. It's not to keep your weewee on the center, hello! It's a seat (duh). And you don't pee on your seat, right? If only the toilet could ear men who doesn't have toilethics, well the men population might be cut in half and all toilet seats would be full.

This is one manner that wasn't taught back in my GMRC days. But now that you've read this, I hope you learned something. :D

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