April 3, 2010

Ever did the laundry?

What you see is FUN! :D

For someone like me who's already 21, it IS a shame not to learn how to laundry clothes. And today, this idea of washing my clothes just popped into my mind. Yeah. That made my parents smile like this >> :D

Haha. It's a step closer towards being independent. Like what my Dad said, it is not forever that I will have someone to do the laundry. He's right. And so I started.

Who would've thought that such deed isn't really boring at all? I get some work from squeezing the clothes, plus I get to practice singing! Haha.

These are my clothes after I made babad.

And then you dial that dial. Whatever.

And then you observe the swirling (this is fun).

Voila! Finished product ;P

It was quite tiring but it was indeed fun, especially that my parents are happy with what I am doing. Haha. I just hope I have the energy to keep this in my weekly routine.

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