April 3, 2010

Back home

So my bestfriend and I finally decided to have some trip back to our home in Sapang. It's the place where we had our community immersion program back during our college days. We spent months there so that place is so dear to us. It's even dear-er to some, like our friend Rachel who's getting married to Teroy, one of that town's inhabitants. A love discovered only at Sapang. Haha.

We spent 2 happy days there. Check out these photos:

This one's just nice. I love it.

This is Jace and Me.


And this is where we stayed at. My foster home.

This is just serene.

Look who's pagod? Haha.

It was one great summer escapade. I can't wait to come back for more days of relaxation. I was definitely destressed after that. It feels like I added 15 years more to my mortal life :]

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