April 27, 2010

Unleash the summer!

Finally I had my first summer outing for 2010! It was the day the sun became my bestfriend. I so enjoyed the summer heat at Stilts somewhere in Calatagan, Batangas. The place is good, but the company I was with then is way better.

Check out my facebook account for the pictures. You'll love what you'll see :]

April 22, 2010

A tribute to ALPO

These people used to be my most hated people. They were the noisiest in class. I remember I was reviewing for our sociology exams before, and these guys were just so so inconsiderate with all their talks, noises and gossips. They were all bitches and they were all famous. They're ALPO - and they are led by the person whom evil takes human form - JC.

How evil? Well. There'd been countless encounters with teachers and students a like, complaining about the group being tactless, demotivating and notorious. Alpo is really controversial. If they were just the regular students, they might've been kicked out of the college already. But they are really different. They are all smart. That's what makes them unique. They're all dorks.

And to my surprise, one day I entered school (2005) and *poof!* I became part of the group like I really had no choice! I used to hate that idea, like never in my wildest dreams would I be thinking of joining this group. But hey, being part of the 13 unique guys with unique personalities is an adventure. Now, it was one lifetime membership that I wouldn't ever regret having.

That led me to really knowing each and everyone of them. They weren't just crazy students. They were also human. More than anything else in the world, they treasure friendship, and they treasure each other. There's a lot of things I owe this group. Like:

+ My sense of style: from "What?" to "Wow!" \m/,

+ Celebrity status in our college. Yeah!

+ The votes during the student council election.

+ The eternal laughter. I swear. They are the source of the best laugh in the world.

+ My bestfriend. Found him here :]

+ And a lot more. Too many to mention in this small space.

They/We were the most famous students in our college during our time. Up to now, I really can't believe that my world's most hated people would be my circle of refuge. And if that isn't enough, my most hated person back in college became my bestfriend! Haha. Wherever these guys are, I simply miss them. Like crazy :[

Man, that's ethics!

I just felt bad that some guys just don't have toilethics (a study of proper use of toilet, I think?).

For the longest time, I have been observing that whenever I use the toilet (whether to pee or not to pee, it doesn't matter), the seat cover is always down and wet with urine. Ugh. Disgusting. That was so inconsiderate. Well of course that couldn't come from a girl's... uhm, you know. The suspect is clear. It's the boys!

Basically, the seat cover was made to be a protection when you take a seat at your throne (and you KNOW what I mean). It should be dry. It should give you comfort. But when it's wet with man pee, now that's awful. Kawawa naman yung susunod na gagamit. What if gamit na gamit na sya? That must be torture.

I have observed that a lot. Most men do not know the purpose of a seat toilet. It's not to keep your weewee on the center, hello! It's a seat (duh). And you don't pee on your seat, right? If only the toilet could ear men who doesn't have toilethics, well the men population might be cut in half and all toilet seats would be full.

This is one manner that wasn't taught back in my GMRC days. But now that you've read this, I hope you learned something. :D


And I am still dreaming of that day that when I get up, I'll no longer be this underweight person that I am right now.

Since birth, I have always been the ectomorph type. I find it sexy for me once, but now, I wish to change image. Specially this summer that everybody has this hot shape, nice abs, big biceps, things like that.

If it's discipline that we're talking about, well I am disciplined enough. I mean I eat more than an average person can, but that's to no point. I mean, no matter what I eat, I still am skinny (not that skinny. Just this skinny. Hehe). I always feel elated when my bestfriend notices na tumaba na ako. But still, Tumaba in a sense that I just had a few pounds added and that's still not my goal. I guess I've only just begun.

By the end of this blog entry, I swear I'll be one hot bod buff. People say sayang naman yung tangkad ko if I would just be this skinny. So yeah, I guess no pain no gain diba. But hey, how come I gained all this bilbil pero I didn't feel any pain at all? Ahaha. Wow.

So brace yourself for the new and better Marvin. This 2010.

April 14, 2010

Now how much do you care?

Just a couple of weeks or probably days left and the Philippines is off to vote for its leaders again. There went propagandas, campaigns, etc. And the candidates showed off with all their credentials once again to impress the citizens to vote for them. Well, for the good of the country or the good of their own selves, that we don't know. Really.

I'm already 21 and yes guys, I'll be part of the history. Have registered last year and now I'm ready for this. Now don't ask me who my manoks are because honestly, I am still clueless right now. I was like, whoa! Why did May come too swiftly?

Well votes are really confidential naman e so I guess I reserve the right to keep my votes secret. Hehe. What matters is the fact that I will vote. I care for some change in the government.

I was deeply moved with this one advertisement that is playing over the television today. There was this man that just complains a lot about the government, etc. Only to find out at the end that he isn't a voter. Shame on those who are not voting. I love the slogan that they came up with: "Kung hindi ka naman boboto, wala kang karapatang magreklamo."

Now that's one clever mindset. Let's all keep this election cool and clean. And most of all, let's participate.

April 13, 2010


We went to party for three reasons: 1) Just to shake our stress away. 2) Our friend Maui's flying to Singapore for a greener pasture. 3) Our group's not gonna be together (this story will take too long to tell in details. Basta convince yourself that something really happened and we're not allowed to sit with each other anymore at work. Ayon).

Haha. A lot of thanks to P2 Bar at Cubao who never failed to amuse us. From the production numbers, to the okrays. Our night out was superb. What we had was so much beyond fun. Whatever you call that, that's what all of us felt at the end of the night.

Fab and cool at the dancefloor. There's bessy Jace, Gena, Me and Maui.

I love these guys. They're my warriors.

I'm gonna miss these guys. After all the daily taking them from granted, I realized I just love them so much. Especially Gena. I used to hate her so much because she was so noisy and she laughs so loud. But then I began to love her. She's actually my Miss Sunshine. Her aura amuses me much. She's my source of self-esteem.

There's also Markee (the guy wearing red shirt). Before he was this quiet guy who seemed boring. But after we have been teammates, I realized he has a lot to offer for some quality friendship.

Maui. Now this girl's gonna be on Singapore soon. She's the ultimate collection of the best humors. I'm gonna miss the laughter she brings my everyday life.

And Jace is going to transfer to another bay. He's not gonna be sitting next to me anymore. Now I'll face work with boredom. All of the source of my joy's gone.

Although I may sound sad at this entry, life really doesn't end there. I myself am a walking joy. I could try and find a way to brighten my day up anyway. And whatever memories that we had in this night of warrior-ing will surely give me a reason to smile whenever I feel bored and tired already (at work).

April 12, 2010


Lately, I've been so addicted to reading and posting tweets over twitter. Well, what's not to be about twitter: you get to know the lives of your favorite people both celebrity and commoners, plus you get to live like a celebrity too. I love it (well who doesn't?) when people follow my tweets, reply to my tweets or even retweet my tweets.

What's cool about twitter too is that you can access it using A LOT (take note: A LOT) of media/client. Of course, it would only be through phone and through PC, but the programs designed to have your tweets published are so many. You have TweetDeck, Gravity, Snaptu, etc. Some find it weird, I find it cool!

The difference with twitter is that your profile picture can only be one. But hey, there's TwitPic! It's like some sort of site connected to your twitter account that allows you to upload loads of pics! Now that's cool.

Now if I am to choose between facebook and twitter, I say.. TWITTER! Haha. I just love the whole process of tweeting. It's cleaner, it's funnier, it's simply so fetch. Let's tweet baby!

Follow me at http://twitter.com/marvusthemadman

Happy tweeting guys. Twitter's like pringles: once you pop, you can't stop. Trust me.

April 11, 2010

Who you gonna call?

Now what better way to spend your boring Saturday off than have a chit-chat over the phone with someone worth sharing your ideas with? And for me, the best bet for this would be no other than my bessy Jace, the king of talk.

Now since we are officemates, my bestfriend has been a part of my everyday working life. He's actually one of the best reasons I report to work. I always have fun with him. Needless to say, I may not be able to make it without him. We're more than friends but a little less than lovers. So during my off and I don't see him, I feel like missing him agad.

So we talked over the phone about things and stuff. Like how our day went, about issues we had on our office (Now this is something major), some gossips and the best part, his fantasies! Well that is already too private to talk about. It would just be between me and my bestfriend.

We started talking like about past 12 and ended at around 2am already. Haha. We kept on talking, laughing, etc. No comedy bar could ever replace the fun that I had with him over the phone. Thanks to him, he's saved my Saturday night from the creeps of boredom and monotony. It was fabulous :]

April 10, 2010

Site Recommendation: mixpod.com

Especially to bloggers, mixpod offers this very cool playlist that looks a lot like iPod touch! It's a must try if you wanted to add cool elements for your website. Look right and try it. It's a bit off my format but I think it's just OK. It's my favorite gadget of the month. Genius.

The attack of the friend requests!

And yeah, I'm talking about this attack that doesn't hurt at all. It took about half an hour only to approve and reply to these friend requests that I had in one social networking website. Assholes like me rejoice in such occurence.

And I felt special. Like people really wanted to know more of me, etc. I love this feeling :D

April 9, 2010

The not so impossible dream

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a doctor. Or a fireman. Or just a superhero with zapping powers. But now, I've decided - I really wanna be a Radio Jock! I wanna be a DJ!

You are tuning in to the beat of summer only here at Magic 89.9 with me DJ Marv :D

Haha. Yeah. Eversince I've become a radio freak, my dream of being a radio jock came in. It's so much fun just telling the whole Philippine Islands your insight about everything, plus you get to play their favorite songs too. Now that's holy.

Well I am the king of talk. I may consider myself as this world's most talkative man. But take note of what I say. I am a walking oracle. Not just an oracle. I've got that very neutral accent, plus I speak english spontaneously (Now you must agree or just leave this blogsite. Haha).

Comes April 17 there will be auditions for Magic 89.9's Junior Jock. I really wanted to audition but they are only looking for students who are DJ-wannabes! Man, that sucks. I wonder when will I ever get the chance to be called a DJ. That's hot!

If ever I'll be a radio jock, you'd call me DJ Marv. I'd be the mix of my favorite DJs Pat (for the voicing) and DJ Suxy (for the personality). And I'll consider myself unemployed because I would be having so much fun, I wouldn't ever think that what I'm doing is actually my job. Now ain't that cool? :D

April 3, 2010

Ever did the laundry?

What you see is FUN! :D

For someone like me who's already 21, it IS a shame not to learn how to laundry clothes. And today, this idea of washing my clothes just popped into my mind. Yeah. That made my parents smile like this >> :D

Haha. It's a step closer towards being independent. Like what my Dad said, it is not forever that I will have someone to do the laundry. He's right. And so I started.

Who would've thought that such deed isn't really boring at all? I get some work from squeezing the clothes, plus I get to practice singing! Haha.

These are my clothes after I made babad.

And then you dial that dial. Whatever.

And then you observe the swirling (this is fun).

Voila! Finished product ;P

It was quite tiring but it was indeed fun, especially that my parents are happy with what I am doing. Haha. I just hope I have the energy to keep this in my weekly routine.

Back home

So my bestfriend and I finally decided to have some trip back to our home in Sapang. It's the place where we had our community immersion program back during our college days. We spent months there so that place is so dear to us. It's even dear-er to some, like our friend Rachel who's getting married to Teroy, one of that town's inhabitants. A love discovered only at Sapang. Haha.

We spent 2 happy days there. Check out these photos:

This one's just nice. I love it.

This is Jace and Me.


And this is where we stayed at. My foster home.

This is just serene.

Look who's pagod? Haha.

It was one great summer escapade. I can't wait to come back for more days of relaxation. I was definitely destressed after that. It feels like I added 15 years more to my mortal life :]