March 15, 2010


And summer is indeed here. Take a look at my armpits for a concrete evidence. I get baskil kahit kakatapos ko lang maligo! Haha. How's that? And hey, haven't I told you I hate summer? Aside from the fact that the heat is really fatal (I mean it, heatstroke!), summer is when I reach the ugliest point of my face. Needless to say, my face is oily. So when it's hot, my pores open up so big and it engulfs the oil and hello comedones, blackheads, whiteheads and stubborn zits! Ugh.

Summer 2010 is soo hot that I instantly get tan lines without even getting exposed to the sun. Haha. Aircon's got no match to the sun. So officially I say for now, the sun is my worst enemy.

Too bad that for this summer I won't get to hit the beach a lot for that summer lovin'. Got work and I can't quit work now, especially now that I am really starting to save up for my future. Some sacrifing I guess. There's a lot of times that I could enjoy the beach. And my best friend Jace will be with me anyway.

Haha. Also, did I tell you already that there is a remedy against summer heat other than ice? Guess what - watch showtime.. LIVE! Haha. That show never fails to give me that morning grin Even when I'm tired and wasted from work. Vice Ganda's humor is soo much my wavelength. I relate to her bitchiness so much. I also love Vhong Navarro's outfits! Yeah. He's my fashion icon :D

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