March 22, 2010

Angels of Summer

"Now who wouldn't wanna be us?"

Rather than to spend my off at home and be so unproductive (and get scolded by my parents, haha), I chose to join my 2 best friends to shop at greenhills. Well us being together is like an earthquake: it doesn't often happen but the after shock is there for a long, long time. I actually some other lakad but I choose to be with them. I know I would have a lot more fun with them anyway.

So we had a lot of catching up and not to mention, a lot of jokes and foolishness. Since Jace and I are always together at the office, we miss Jhoker bigtime. So when he asked us to join him shop at greenhills, he knows we couldn't deny his favor.

What excites me more, comes this Sunday (Palm Sunday, March 28th), we will back to Sapang to have some summer lovin'! Haha. Actually, we are really just checking the kapilya for our friend Rachel's wedding since Jace will be the wedding planner. But since the bestfriends are just there, well we must have fun, diba? And we have a lot of plans already. Haha.

God bless my dearest bestfriends. I love them the way I love myself and that's too much. Hehe

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