March 22, 2010

It's my baby!

Hello guys. I want to present to you my baby...

Haha. This is the new BlackBerry Gemini, one of BlackBerry's Curve series. See it's got a 2MP camera, a QWERTY keypad, a trackpad (now this feature is what really makes this phone SICK - i mean sick in a very HOT way) and a very nice label. I mean it, like when you say it's BlackBerry, it's BlackBerry. Look, my baby's fierce.

It's got WiFi too so access to the Internet would be free (especially at Araneta Center, haha). But one thing that's missing about this phone is GPS. It's the same thing that's missing on my phone right now (Nokia E63, so BlackBerry-ish but it's barely there) but who cares? We're in the Philippines, who needs GPS here anyway.

So how do you like my baby? Please let me know :]

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