March 22, 2010

It's my baby!

Hello guys. I want to present to you my baby...

Haha. This is the new BlackBerry Gemini, one of BlackBerry's Curve series. See it's got a 2MP camera, a QWERTY keypad, a trackpad (now this feature is what really makes this phone SICK - i mean sick in a very HOT way) and a very nice label. I mean it, like when you say it's BlackBerry, it's BlackBerry. Look, my baby's fierce.

It's got WiFi too so access to the Internet would be free (especially at Araneta Center, haha). But one thing that's missing about this phone is GPS. It's the same thing that's missing on my phone right now (Nokia E63, so BlackBerry-ish but it's barely there) but who cares? We're in the Philippines, who needs GPS here anyway.

So how do you like my baby? Please let me know :]


Not exactly this shoe but I really wanted to have a pair of topsider shoes! I thought I saw one at Sebago shoe shop. I love the the combination black, white and red suede (or green, what you think?)Please. I've been saving a lot for the longest time. Now I wanna make gastos only for this shoe. If not this shoe, this:

Haha. Not exactly that style. Can't find it over the net e. Basta. If I can't have one of these, I would die. Really.

Well if I could have both, that would be a winner right? Haha.

Angels of Summer

"Now who wouldn't wanna be us?"

Rather than to spend my off at home and be so unproductive (and get scolded by my parents, haha), I chose to join my 2 best friends to shop at greenhills. Well us being together is like an earthquake: it doesn't often happen but the after shock is there for a long, long time. I actually some other lakad but I choose to be with them. I know I would have a lot more fun with them anyway.

So we had a lot of catching up and not to mention, a lot of jokes and foolishness. Since Jace and I are always together at the office, we miss Jhoker bigtime. So when he asked us to join him shop at greenhills, he knows we couldn't deny his favor.

What excites me more, comes this Sunday (Palm Sunday, March 28th), we will back to Sapang to have some summer lovin'! Haha. Actually, we are really just checking the kapilya for our friend Rachel's wedding since Jace will be the wedding planner. But since the bestfriends are just there, well we must have fun, diba? And we have a lot of plans already. Haha.

God bless my dearest bestfriends. I love them the way I love myself and that's too much. Hehe


It's not that I congratulate myself too much but I am just so glad that I was able to build a blog site like this. I feel like I'm a star, really! Haha. You know me, I'm quite radical and I think a lot so this blog site would bring out the beast in me. Haha.

Thanks a lot to Miss Lorna de Jesus for the seed of correct grammar that she has planted in me decades ago (which has been my best weapon all throughout this fight of words). Also to my super Dimple Ballesteros who inspired me to start this blog. She has been so feisty and fab I can't help but admire her. Of course Diane Portugal for the constructive criticisms she gave me and for liking my header. You just don't know how much it means to me; To the Magic DJ's, my inspiration. To all the askal who's got no one to care for them and to you reading this. Hope you'll love me as I love you.

Ahaha. Ang arte ko. Embrace it. That's how I became Marvin! :D

March 21, 2010

The Last Airbender

Yeah. I am a solid fan of this cartoon series. Watched it first in Nickelodeon, then its tagalized version on TV5 (that for some reasons didn't play book 3: fire! Boo!). The concept was so great that I even spent time watching book 3 over the Internet and for real, this series is sick! :D

Ask me to watch this movie when it's already showing and I won't fail you.

Respect your elders

While I was on my way home today, something like an eksena came up. I was simply riding the usual FX with my friend Maui. Somewhere along the way, this lola rode the car.

At the back seat of the car is a very noisy man who talks with his mother on the phone. He's bisaya. He's from Bacolod (haha, and how did I find out?).

And so the FX almost ran out of gas so the driver went to a gasoline station to have his tank refilled. Now this lola turned to the noisy guy (actually, GAY) and simply told him to keep his phone off for safety purposes as we are on a gasoline station. Then this gay got really offended and told the poor lola to shut up. And there had been exchange of very (take note) nasty words. And the lola of course got pissed off to the point that he wished the driver to stop and let that gay leave the car and she would pay for that person's fare. Now this very unrespected gay shouted: "Meron akong pera, baka isampal ko pa sa pagmumukha mo.", which led all of the passengers on the car to shut him up. Of course di nagpatalo si lola. Still, the gay man kept talking to his mom like gago. That was so pasaway.

I may be biased but I am on the side of the lola. See, she was just concerned for the safety of all the people on the car. In fact, she conveyed her message to the gay man in a very clear, professional manner. So I was really so surprised when this gay man just erupted like crazy. It was so unfair for the lola. I know and I understand that she just plainly just concerned as a senior citizen. As a matter of fact, when we get off the FX, the lola told us the words: "Ingat kayo." Now wouldn't that be sweet?

I remember Baz Luhrman's words. He said: Respect your elders. I think it has been a very big deal on me since I was raised that way, and look! It has been a topic of my blog.

Thank God for my parents who raised me well. If I would have been the person that the lola told to turn off the phone, I would have plainly smiled and said thank you. That miss on the gay's part ruined the morning of all the passengers seated on that FX.

March 15, 2010


And summer is indeed here. Take a look at my armpits for a concrete evidence. I get baskil kahit kakatapos ko lang maligo! Haha. How's that? And hey, haven't I told you I hate summer? Aside from the fact that the heat is really fatal (I mean it, heatstroke!), summer is when I reach the ugliest point of my face. Needless to say, my face is oily. So when it's hot, my pores open up so big and it engulfs the oil and hello comedones, blackheads, whiteheads and stubborn zits! Ugh.

Summer 2010 is soo hot that I instantly get tan lines without even getting exposed to the sun. Haha. Aircon's got no match to the sun. So officially I say for now, the sun is my worst enemy.

Too bad that for this summer I won't get to hit the beach a lot for that summer lovin'. Got work and I can't quit work now, especially now that I am really starting to save up for my future. Some sacrifing I guess. There's a lot of times that I could enjoy the beach. And my best friend Jace will be with me anyway.

Haha. Also, did I tell you already that there is a remedy against summer heat other than ice? Guess what - watch showtime.. LIVE! Haha. That show never fails to give me that morning grin Even when I'm tired and wasted from work. Vice Ganda's humor is soo much my wavelength. I relate to her bitchiness so much. I also love Vhong Navarro's outfits! Yeah. He's my fashion icon :D